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10 Annoying WhatsApp Responses We Hate to Read


It’s truly a huge messaging world! It looks like the smartphones have taken over all humans as that is the only thing we do all the time. We are inseparable from our phones, and WhatsApp is one of the most addictive applications that keeps us glued. While chatting, we often come in contact with some really annoying replies by people. Here, we have compiled some of them just to crack you up!!
This list is compiled to specifically offend some people!!!
The Epic “K”
I know I’m not the only person who hates such a stupid reply. It’s almost become something that is universally hated. We all can relate to the situation when you send a heartfelt message and all you get is a K! Now, were you so lazy to type just an O with it? This reply is also a sign of someone majorly pissed with you. But then it’s better to tell the reason of being pissed than replying with that one letter. Also, the letter is not enough for some people so they will add a period just to stress on the point that they are pissed.
I really don’t understand what is the logic behind replying “True”. Plus, it’s always to a message that has no relation to your reply. Obviously I know whatever I said is true, you don’t have to reassure that. I can still understand when people say “True that” because maybe it’s something they could relate to. But just “true”? Why?
People have all kinds of variations in this too, from lulz, lololol, lolz, to what not. Firstly, you can’t even capitalize 3 letters and then you use this reply for everything or when you have nothing to say. What is lulz or lolz anyway? It’s like you dozed off while laughing out loud. Plus, I know that you’re not laughing but saying that to cut the conversation down.
Nice was a very nice word until now. But, now it’s become a sign of telling that the person is in a sh**y mood. Please just stop it! I excitedly text you how exhilarating my trip was, and you reply with a “Nice”. I am too embarrassed already so Would you mind if I just come there and throw you out of the window right now? This reply isn’t even qualified to enter in the “good sarcasm” category.
Umm/Mmmm/Hmmm is one thing that you’re tired of reading. It will just buzz in your ears, all the time. What is this even supposed to mean? You’re thinking, out of words, bored, or what? This will just automatically shoo all the people you’re texting, because no one wants a stingy bumble bee around all the time.
Smiley Overdose
What is wrong with the world? Sometimes, I wonder if people really have all the time to search for one smiley from all those, just to express one thought. You could have just written it in words. On the other side, people show that they are just so busy to even use a single word so they reply with a smiley. If you’re excited about meeting someone and you send a message saying,”Yayy! Will see you soon!”, and someone replies with just a smiley with a heart. Just imagine how it feels and you’ll know what I’m talking about.
Replying with One Word
One word replies are irritating. That’s because you expect people to be more generous and use more words because your message deserved it.
Replying with Paragraphs
Long sentences or chunks of them are equally annoying. Paragraphs are unnecessary when you don’t need explanations for trivial things. Or what can be said in a few words or an emoticon, doesn’t need long lines of text. It gets boring sometimes.
Irregular Letters and Abbreviations
WhAt Is WrOnG wItH sOmE pEoPlE wHo WrItE lIkE tHiS? Oh god, I feel that it was a huge task to write like this, yet some people to do it very fast and almost all the time. As if that wasn’t enough, they even use some horrible abbreviations which give an impression that they’re talking in some weird foreign language. 4 wat (For what) and TTY L8R (talk to you later) are some of these alien words people use. Guys, please learn to use some good language!
No reply
All the above were some epic fails but then there are people who are the least bothered to even reply. They will come to you later with hundreds of excuses that they were busy or didn’t check your message. But the blue ticks have told you the truth.
Oh dear!!

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