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Shocking revelations about punanis for women in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Kenya


PUNANIS naturally become wet when a woman is turned on and ready for sex, but some women go to great lengths to keep their vaginas dry.

According to Health24, it is not just South African women who dry their punanis out for “tighter” sex.

It is also practiced in African countries like Malawi, Zambia, Kenya and Zimbabwe.

Some women in Indonesia avoid foods such as pineapple and cucumber, which are believed to cause punanis to become wetter. They may also wash with herbs or insert chalk, leaves, stones or sand to achieve their desired dryness.

Some women also douche with detergents, antiseptics, alcohol or bleach. Tissues, toilet paper or powders may also be stuffed into the vagina to dry it out.

In South Africa, some men believe a wet vagina is evidence that the woman has been cheating.

There are also reports that the increased friction caused by a dry punani makes for better sex – for the man at least.

For some men, a dry punani can be a nightmare too. Penetration can be difficult and even painful, causing a burning sensation and redness.

But this is risky sex. Messing with the pH of a vagina can result in vaginal infections. Dry sex can damage the skin of the vagina, resulting in cuts and swelling. There is a real likelihood of getting STIs, including HIV.

As with most things, it’s best to do things nature’s way, and enjoy the sensations of a wet punani.

– Dailysun

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