Wedding cancelled just a week before the event, because of too much P0RN


A thrilling romance came crashing to an end when the bride-to-be stumbled across a fact about her fiancé that horrified her: he loved to watch porn!

Claire Dalton (21) and her unnamed fiancé had been dating for four years and engaged for six months. Their grand wedding, with 300 guests already invited, was to be held in just a week’s time.

Last week Claire Dalton (21) posted a long, heartfelt message on ‘Love What Matters’ Facebook page about why she dramatically ditched her husband-to-be at that moment, now a year ago.

“I’m that girl that spent 6 months with a ring on her finger,” she wrote. “That girl that planned an entire wedding, only to find out a week prior it was all a lie.”

The “lie” she had uncovered was on his cellphone: a porn site he had visited just hours before, and “multiple windows open of sick and twisted ideas of what women supposedly look like”.

Claire was shattered.

“I felt sick to my stomach. The coldest thing I’ve ever witnessed in my entire life is the lying eyes of the man I love, gazing deep into my soul as multiple lies rolled from his lips. He knew it was all a lie, but for some reason, he could look at the woman he claimed to love so dearly straight in her eyes, and lie to her face.”

Her ex finally admitted that he was a porn addict, but Claire – who is a devout member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) – could not forgive him.

In another post she wrote: “Pornography addiction does not just affect you. Pornography addiction affects the people around you, and it’s only so long before the truth is going to come out.

“There are hundreds of statistics on how harmful pornography is on the brain, relationships, and the world.

“There is nothing natural or healthy about indulging in pornography. To say that ‘all men look at porn’ is to say that all men care more about self-gratification and sexual desire than they do about their wives, daughters, sons, and the other people they love in their life.”

Not all of the comments under her posts were sympathetic, with many damning Claire for being so judgemental and unforgiving.

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