ActionSA leaders expose each other for turning municipal car into a brothel


Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal – A storm is brewing in the ranks of ActionSA's Newcastle Municipality branch, with accusations of municipal vehicle abuse and a bitter feud between two prominent party members. The drama unfolds around controversial chief whip and ActionSA councillor Mzwakhe Mbatha and his driver, Sizwe Mokoena, who also happens to be the Osizweni sub-region chairperson for the party.

Mokoena has been suspended following allegations that he misused a municipal vehicle, a claim he vehemently denies. In a twist worthy of a political soap opera, Mokoena has accused Mbatha of being the real culprit, alleging that the councillor used the vehicle for personal errands and even "picking up women".

"Mbatha would use the vehicle for his personal movements and would also pick up women," Mokoena claimed, adding fuel to the already fiery situation.

The allegations have sparked a war of words between the two ActionSA leaders, with each accusing the other of inappropriate behaviour and abusing their positions. The incident has raised serious questions about accountability and the use of public resources within the party, casting a shadow over ActionSA's commitment to transparency and good governance.

The suspension of Mokoena has further fuelled the tensions, with many questioning the timing and motives behind the decision. Some within the party believe that the suspension is a tactic to silence Mokoena and prevent him from exposing Mbatha's alleged misconduct.

"It's a clear case of double standards," said an unnamed source within ActionSA's Newcastle branch. "Mokoena is being punished for something that Mbatha has been doing for months."

The accusations of vehicle misuse are not new to Mbatha. He has previously faced criticism for his alleged use of municipal vehicles for personal trips and for failing to adhere to proper procedures. This latest incident has only served to reinforce those concerns.

The feud between Mbatha and Mokoena is a stark reminder of the internal struggles that can plague political parties, even those that pride themselves on ethical conduct. The incident has also highlighted the importance of robust internal mechanisms for addressing allegations of misconduct and ensuring accountability within political organisations.

The Newcastle Municipality has remained tight-lipped on the matter, refusing to comment on the allegations against Mbatha and Mokoena. However, the incident has undoubtedly damaged the party's reputation in the area and raised concerns about the integrity of its leadership.

The situation is likely to escalate further, with both Mbatha and Mokoena vowing to fight for their respective positions.

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