Unholy DA and ANC GNU Deal: Both parties agreed not to talk about Ramaphosa's Phala Phala scandal


The Democratic Alliance (DA) and the African National Congress (ANC) are keeping their lips sealed regarding a controversial agreement known as the 'Hands-Off Phala Phala' deal. Rumored to be a crucial component of the Government of National Unity (GNU), this deal allegedly offers protection to President Cyril Ramaphosa in light of the Phala Phala farm scandal. As the nation anxiously awaits answers, allegations of political maneuvering and constitutional disregard are raising concerns among South Africans.

The uproar was triggered by DA federal leader, Helen Zille, who sent shockwaves through the political landscape with her recent statement. During an interview on Radio 702, Zille stated, "We will only support impeachment only if the evidence suggests that there should be an impeachment. That was part of the agreement." Her words hint at a clandestine understanding between the two major parties, leaving citizens questioning the integrity of their leaders.

Political commentator Mighti Jamie, known for his astute observations, was quick to condemn the DA's alleged actions, accusing the party of prioritizing parliamentary seats over upholding constitutional principles. Jamie voiced his concerns, saying, "So the DA does not care about constitutionalism and rule of law anymore? They don't care about corruption and cadre deployment anymore?" He further emphasized that any backroom deals with the potential to influence parliamentary votes would not only be unconstitutional but also render the entire GNU agreement null and void.

As the controversy deepens, doubts are cast on the legality and ethical implications of shielding President Ramaphosa from a potential vote of no confidence related to the Phala Phala matter. The silence from both the ANC and the DA on these serious allegations has only fueled public frustration. Despite numerous attempts to seek clarification from party representatives, neither the ANC nor the DA have addressed the accusations, leaving South Africans yearning for transparency and accountability.

While the DA's alleged involvement in this 'hands-off' agreement has garnered significant attention, other political players have distanced themselves from the controversy. Brett Herron, secretary-general of the GOOD Party, revealed that they were not party to the GNU agreement and clarified that no discussions pertaining to impeachment processes had taken place. Herron emphasized that the agreement solely focused on the election of the President and Speaker, as well as the appointment of cabinet members.

The Phala Phala farm scandal, which lies at the heart of this controversy, has long been a subject of public scrutiny. However, the recent revelations surrounding the 'Hands-Off Phala Phala' deal have thrust the matter back into the spotlight. The farm, situated in a picturesque region, has become synonymous with allegations of corruption and mismanagement. Its prominence in the political sphere has raised questions about the extent to which power and influence can shield individuals from accountability.

As South Africa eagerly awaits responses from the ANC and the DA, the nation finds itself at a crossroads. The public demands transparency, honesty, and adherence to the constitutional principles that underpin the nation's democratic fabric. The silence from the two major parties involved in this controversy only serves to deepen the skepticism and distrust among citizens, further highlighting the urgent need for accountability and ethical leadership.

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