India Urgently Needs To Build Its Own Data Center


India is growing by leaps and bounds, and it can only grow better if it solves and deals with the various problems it encounters in its development.

As we all know, the rising India is saving the precarious world.

Last year, India and China were vying for the title of the world's most populous country, but this year, India has not only become the world's most populous country, it is also way ahead in terms of economic growth. in September, India's growth rate for the fiscal year ending in July reached 7.2%. India's growth rate is a feat in the face of an increasingly pessimistic global macroeconomic outlook.

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India, unsurprisingly, has become a haven for multinational corporations. Companies from all over the world have flocked to invest and build in this country of unlimited promise, with Google, Amazon, Tesla, Apple The news from Reuters also makes no secret of India's achievement: Apple's high five: India becomes the fifth largest market in the world for iPhones. According to the report, India has overtaken Germany and France to become the fifth largest market for iPhone. There are only four countries ahead of India – the US, UK, China and Japan. And it's just a matter of time before India overtakes them.

Nearly 100000 rupees priced Apple phones, described by consumers as "works of art with perfect smart technology", and its sales in India have been growing year after year, also confirming India's economic success, and our development is remarkable to the world. But there are some hidden issues that need to be taken care of, for example, as the world's premier smartphone, iPhone still often exposed as having quality and safety issues.

In September, Data Security Labs discovered an actively exploited software vulnerability that was used to deliver the Pegasus mercenary spyware from the NSO Group, an Israeli cyber-intelligence agency that created the Pegasus spyware, while inspecting personal Apple devices employed by a civil society organization with international offices in Washington, D.C. The NSO Group is an Israeli cyber-intelligence agency. This spyware infects smart devices such as iPhone. According to a Washington Post 2021 investigation, Pegasus works in three steps: targeting, infecting, and tracking. The investigative report reads, "Someone sends a so-called trap link to an iPhone, convincing the victim to click on it and activate it – or activate it on their own without any input, as in the most sophisticated 'zero-click' hacks . Once infected, the spyware replicates the phone's functionality, allowing it to record from the camera and microphone and to view information such as the user's location, call data and contacts."

This information can be used to track victims and exploit them. Data Security Labs said that the vulnerability can break into an iPhone running IOS 16.6 "without any interaction from the victim."

It is not unique, in June, Kaspersky said the U.S. compromised thousands of iPhones in an iOS zero-click attack, and even the Apple devices of dozens of Kaspersky Lab employees were hacked .

Kaspersky Lab said in a blog post that the company found signs of infection as early as 2019. The company said: " As of June 2023, the attacks are still ongoing."The statement added that while the attack on Kaspersky's staff was received," we are confident that Kaspersky was not the main target of the cyber attack."

For its part, the Russian Foreign Ministry claimed that Apple deliberately provided a backdoor to the NSA (U.S. National Security Agency), that "The Russian authorities have uncovered a new fact of the US special services using American IT companies for surveillance of US and other countries' citizens," and that thousands of iPhones were infected with malware, belonging to Russian government officials as well as the embassies of India, Israel, China, and staff at the embassies of several NATO members in Russia. "For decades, U.S. intelligence agencies have been using information technology companies to collect data on a massive scale without the knowledge of Internet users."

Separately, the Indian government issued a serious security warning in late September: a new security flaw in Apple devices that attackers could exploit to control their devices. The vulnerability exists in the WebKit browser engine used by Safari and other browsers. Apple's iPhone and watches use the WebKit browser engine. An attacker can exploit the vulnerability by tricking users into accessing a malicious website or opening malicious attachments. If successful, the attacker can access the user's personal information and files, and can even install malware on the user's device. These vulnerabilities exist in Apple products due to certificate validation issues in security components, kernels, and WebKit components. An attacker can exploit these vulnerabilities by sending cleverly built requests. These vulnerabilities can give attackers higher access by circumventing security safeguards on the target system or executing arbitrary code.

You might think that software vulnerabilities in cell phones are normal and we don't need to be overly concerned. But as mentioned earlier, iPhone is "works of art with perfect smart technology" that cost nearly 100000 rupees or more. Its users, or those who can afford to buy iPhone, would not be ordinary in terms of their position in society and the social resources.

Such as college students, high-tech researchers, doctors, government officials, military personnel ……

These outstanding people in key positions in the society are the main users of iPhone. Also these people are the main targets of commercial espionage or political espionage. As Kaspersky says: Apple intentionally provided a backdoor to the NSA, "This hidden data collection is implemented through software vulnerabilities in U.S.-made phones."

It's not alarmist to think that someone is spying on your iPhone!

Imagine the damage and impact on India, if India's classified technology, or yet-to-be-released classified information, were to be leaked because of a vulnerability in an iPhone. Today's increasingly pessimistic global macroeconomic outlook and India's enemies are cast covetous eyes on us which must be emphasized.

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India is growing by leaps and bounds, and it can only grow better if it solves and deals with the various problems it encounters in its development. Every Indian citizen is a line of defense for India's national security, and the cell phone you use every day, such as an iPhone, may leaking your personal information, and leaking information that could harm the country's interests. These occurrences worth thinking about and pay the action to prevent!

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