Cop killer Rosemary Ndlovu appears in court with legs shackled – Gives another shocking testimony


Former Tembisa policewoman and multiple murder accused Rosemary Ndlovu appeared in court in leg irons following her previous antics that led to police deciding to shackle her.

On Monday, Ndlovu took to the witness stand for the first time with her legs shackled.

Before continuing with her testimony, Ndlovu complained to Judge Ramarumo Monama in the Gauteng High Court sitting at the Palm Ridge Magistrate's Court about her shackles.

Nldovu said:

My ankles are in pain, and these irons are too tight.

Monama then ordered police orderly to loosen the shackles.

Prosecutor Riana Williams told the court that Ndlovu's legs had to be shackled following previous experience.

Last week, Ndlovu twice attempted to attack photographers who were taking her pictures, including throwing food at them.

Ndlovu faces six counts of murder for allegedly insuring her family members then wiping them out with the help of hitmen and later claiming from insurance companies.

Among the people she allegedly ordered hits on were her elderly mother, partner Maurice Mabasa, two sisters as well as her five nephews and nieces.

While her mother and one of her sisters escaped her alleged hits unscathed, Mabasa and five others were not so lucky.

During Monday’s cross-examination by Williams, Ndlovu continued evading questions and opted for explanations, a thing Monama warned her about last week.

It was revealed that Ndlovu received about R119 840 after the death of her niece Zanele Motha after taking three policies on her.

Ndlovu allegedly took out funeral insurance policies for Motha from January 2016 to May that year.

The following month in June, she allegedly invited Motha to her house for two weeks.

A few days later, Motha was found lying on the side of the road. She had been so severely attacked that her head injuries rendered her unable to speak. She died a few days later.

Talking about events leading up to Motha's death, Ndlovu said: "On 15 June, Motha complained that she was not feeling well. I could not return her to Tembisa Hospital because I thought she was taking her pain medication. I thought she would be healed because I also gave her some of my pain tablets.

"I don’t know how she sustained rib fractures. I was not always with her. I would leave her alone. It is possible she could have attempted to use a bathroom and injured herself.

She didn't tell me of any rib fractures. It is possible that at the hospital, they could not see if she had fractured her ribs," Ndlovu claimed.

However, Williams told Ndlovu: "The fact remains Motha was released under your supervision. She was in your house until midnight of 15 April, where you decided to take her to Arwyp Hospital.

"There were also lacerations on her liver. Did you see her falling from the bathtub?" asked Williams.

Ndlovu said she did not know how Motha got injured.

"I don't know how she got injured. I could see that she was in pain the way she complained about pains with a low voice. I needed to rush her to the hospital. I dragged her out and lifted her inside the car, and drove her to Arwyp Hospital,” Ndlovu replied.

Williams asked Ndlovu why she took Motha to Arwyp when Zamokuhle and Carstenhof hospitals are closer.

"I was driving at night. I decided to take her to Arwyp, avoiding Carstenhof because I had to drive around Ivory Park township before reaching Casternhof. I chose Arwyp because I was used to it.

"If I didn’t care about Motha, I would have let her die in my house. I would not have bothered taking her to hospital," she said.

Ndlovu only paid R60 000 for Motha's funeral costs.

"There is money that was left after Motha's funeral. I had planned to use the balance later for other rituals, including erecting her tombstone. I was waiting for a directive from my elders on what to do with the balance," said Ndlovu.

Asked if she ever thought of contributing towards the upbringing of Motha's children or putting the money in a trust fund account for their studies, Ndlovu claimed that they were living with their father.

"My relationship with the father was not well. He failed to attempt to see her when she was in pain," Ndlovu said.

Williams also said a doctor had thoroughly examined Motha and even conducted X-rays on her at Tembisa Hospital and that injuries that led to her death were sustained while she was under Ndlovu's care.

"You are failing to open up to the court how Motha sustained those injuries," Williams told Ndlovu.

"I don’t know anything about her injuries. All I know about the injuries, she had bruises that were visible to me. I didn’t know about other injuries. I didn't inflict any injury to her," Ndlovu said.

The trial continues.

– News24

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