Shock as Robert Marawa suffers second heart attack


Robert Marawa has suffered not one but two heart attacks in his lifetime. The sports broadcaster made the shocking revelation during an interview with Zama Ngcobo on new TV, Leading Citizens.

Robert had his first heart attack in 2008, at the age of 35, while at the gym.

He told Zama it was “a strange phenomenon” because his family had no history of heart attacks.


“When it happened the first time in 2008, I tried to go back to gym. And that’s the irony. Both heart attacks happened in institutions of health and exercise. The gym was the first place in 2008… and then in June 2017,” he said.

Robert says he was at a Fight Club when he had the second heart attack.

“I felt it, because I knew what a heart attack felt like. As I did that final exercise, it snapped. I didn’t tell anyone, I just walked out, and thought let me drive myself. I always say to people that if you are going to experience the pain, you will experience it via a heart attack… It’s going to be uncontrollable.

“You can be the most passive person in the world but when that thing hits, you’re going to scream like a goat.”

During an interview with O magazine after the first incident, Robert said the doctor told him his lifestyle was to blame.

“Afterwards, he [the doctor] told me that my lifestyle, rather than just one specific thing, had caused my heart attack. At the time, I had been working seven days a week, eating erratically – usually fast food – and travelling a lot. I literally hadn’t taken leave in years,” he wrote. Since that day in 2008, I’ve also learnt to appreciate my life more. I’ve realised that although work is important, it’s really not the only priority in life,” he told the publication.

The TV and radio personality collapsed at an MC event in 2013. It was later revealed that his condition was related to food poisoning.

Watch Robert talk about his latest health scare in the video below.

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