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HHP's widow breaks silence after his passing, rapper suffered in silence for a long time


For the first time since the news of HHP’s death broke on Wednesday afternoon, the rapper’s widow, Lerato Sengadi, has shared a tribute on her personal platforms

The celebrity publicist has been at the forefront of what has become October’s most saddening story. Rumours of HHP’s death were circulating across social media for hours, before Lerato confirmed the news to Tshisa Live that Jabulani Tsambo was no more.

When asked if the rumours, which dominated many of our timelines on Wednesday afternoon, were true, Lerato responded by saying:

“Yes‚ yes‚ it’s true. I am with the family at the moment‚”

Lerato and HHP tied the knot in 2016 after dating for more than 10 years, and in honour of their romance, Lerato shared an image of HHP kissing her on the cheek, simply captioned with two emojis: a crown, and a black heart.

This prompted an avalanche of sympathetic messages from across the country. While HHP’s death is truly devastating, many who knew Lerato have expressed their deepest sympathies for the widow.

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South Africans are battling to come to terms with the sudden, unexpected death of talented musician Jabulani ‘HHP’ Tsambo

The Music n Lights hitmaker reportedly committed suicide at his home in Randpark Ridge on Wednesday.

According to the Sowetan, a helper found the 38-year-old’s lifeless body in his bedroom.

His family has not confirmed the cause of his death.

“It’s a forensic case now, the police are involved. Let them declare the cause of death,” producer Thabiso ‘Thasman’ Tsotetsi, who was one of the first to arrive at the scene, told the publication.

It’s no secret that Jabba, as HHP is also known, suffered from depression

The rapper was open about his struggles, detailing his battle in a few interviews.

Here’s what he had to say over the years about his struggle with depression.

He had previously tried to commit suicide

During an interview with Gareth Cliff on Cliff Central, HHP revealed that he tried to kill himself three times in 2015.

“I was thinking while my policies (life insurance) are still active‚ let me just go out. Fifteen minutes in the car. Hosepipe‚ whatever. I’m listening to Frank Ocean in the car. I’m thinking 15 minutes I should be done. An hour and a half later‚ nothing happens. I’m listening to the song on repeat now. I get out the car. It’s time to take the kids to school,” he said about his first attempt.

After a second attempt in his friend’s car failed, he said he turned to an assisted suicide website for how best to do it. But a voice told him to keep fighting.

“This voice came to me and said ‘Dude‚ if you really want to die‚ you need to live. If you really want to die‚ you need to do that s**t that you’ve always wanted to do and you’ve always been scared of doing.”

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He tried to get help

HHP knew he had a problem and tried to get help. He revealed in 2016 that he had been to therapy, but the sessions were too costly.

Jabba also felt like nothing was really resolved. He added that the sessions left him feeling sluggish as he had to increase his medication.

A career low affected him badly

HHP revealed in an interview that when he tried to commit suicide in 2015 he was dealing with a slump in his career. He was battling to get gigs and radio stations weren’t playing his music as much as they did before.

“I thought to myself, radio is starting to play trap music only and I cannot do trap music,” the Citizen quoted him as saying. HHP says he felt like a “loser” at the time.

He tried to stay away from “toxic” environments

After his failed suicide attempts, HHP tried to take steps to surround himself with positivity. He deleted his Twitter account in 2016, because he felt it was a “toxic” environment and he could not fully express himself on the platform.

“Even if I say I feel like a peanut butter and jam sandwich, someone will retweet and say ‘oh so you hate Cassper now, Jabba has beef now’.”

He made plans for his death

During his interview with Gareth Cliff, HHP said he contacted his financial manager before attempting to take his life in 2015.

He checked if his policies covered suicide and made sure that his son’s education fund would cover his schooling until he was 28.

According to the Sowetan, HHP told those close to him that his life was spiraling out of control, days before taking his own life.

“I’m depressed. I’m going out of control. I’m losing it,” he apparently said.


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