Loot Love shocked, TV and radio personality pregnant with twins


Just when we thought we have heard it all we were surprised to learn that Loot Love has joined the baby bump brigade. The TV and radio personality has announced that she is pregnant, with twins nonetheless! The “tall, Xhosa yellow bone”, as Reason puts in, shared the great news on her Instagram page this afternoon.

In a lengthy post, Loot Love wrote:

“It’s a phenomenal time to be me. God and my ancestors came together for me and blessed me with something so wonderful! I’m pregnant!… I’m carrying Hip and Hop”.

She expressed her shock and excitement hinting that this may have been a surprise pregnancy as she was “shoooooook”. And you know what they say, there is no such thing as coincidences. Besides the surprise though, Loot Love has expressed that she is overwhelmed with emotions and describes this as the scariest and exciting time of her life.

“I’m completely vulnerable and sensitive. I’m excited! I’m nervous but all that goes away when I feel weird little “gas bubbles” which I now know are little kicks because I’m carrying life. A reminder of the miracle and wonder that is God.”


Loot is only coming out with the news now but it for sure looks like she is about to give birth already. She explains that as a celebrity, she is expected to share each and every single part of her life. “ We constantly have vultures flying above us ready to share our private lives in the most non-emotional manner ever,” she writes.
She kept it a secret because of pure respect for her and her man’s family

Loot Love further states that when she decided to keep quiet about her pregnancy is because of the respect that she has for her family and her man’s family. She concludes:


“My silence has had everything to do with making sure that everyone who matters has their moment with this, that they feel everything, from shock to happiness to curiosity to excitement, ALL OF IT, Alone,

Without the rest of the country pitching in, hounding them/adding commentary/calling or harassing them etc. Its a beautiful time, it’s a sacred time, it’s OUR time.”

This is indeed great news! Congrats Loot Love and Reason.


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