How to make love to your woman like a P0rn star


1. A Lady needs 25-30 minutes to be ready for s.ex, take your time while holding her.

2. Massage her slowly, kiss her lips, b.oobs and if possible go down and lick her punani.
3. Let her to hold your d.ick and insert it into her wet punani, this shows that she is ready for you.

4. Don’t hurry to e.jaculate, at least take 35 minutes.
5. Make sure that at the time of e.jaculating, the lady should also be at the time of o.rgasm.
6. After you e.jaculate, don’t remove your p.enis from her wet punani .
7. Use your right hand and slowly touch the c.litoris and massage it.

8. After 5 minutes, your p.enis will e.rect again and then you can continue having s.ex with her until tomorrow.

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