Hot MZANSI socialite shares 10 reasons why she NEVER wears pa_nties


A popular social media figure who is well known for her s_exy and hot photos has shared with her fans reasons why she does not wear underw_ear. The sultry woman, who goes by the Instagram name, @No_UndieB_areBottom was asked by her fans why she always seems like she is not wearing any under garments and she wasn’t shy to give 10 good reasons why :

1. It’s comfortable.
The number one reason you should go commando is that it’s, honestly, really comfortable.

It’s just you, your va_gina and your pa_nts getting to know each other better, hanging out like old friends, sipping glasses of wine.

2. There are no links between going commando and contracting infections.
It might feel like your bare va_gina rubbing right up against the inside of your pa_nts would create a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, but that idea has long been debunked.

3. Going commando can actually help prevent infections.
If you have lots of itching and irritation down there, gynecologists actually recommend you skip wearing under_wear.

And since the risk of yeast infections among humans has actually been increasing, it might be a good idea to start going commando ASAP.

4. No VPL
We’ve all seen the phenomenon: A woman in tight, light-colored pa_nts who forgets her purple granny pan_ties are visible through her a_ss — in color, shape and outline — to the whole world.

5. No wedgies
Ever find yourself digging out a wedgie deeper than you’d dig for gold? Going commando means never again having to sneak away from a social situation to claw around inside your bu_tt.

If that right there isn’t enough of a reason, I don’t know what is.

6. When you actually need to go commando, you’ll already be used to it.
In your life, you might wear something to require you to go commando, and there’s no better way to prepare for that moment than going commando all the time.

7. You’ll feel se_xier.
Sure, some girls feel s_exy in a matching lace lingerie set, but what’s s_exier and more risqué than being fully  na_ked under those jeans?

And that little secret you have with yourself will totally up your confidence when you talk to coworkers, professors, friends and the guy you have a crush on.

8. Your man will definitely find it s_exy.
Maybe your relationship needs a little excitement in the s_exual department, or, hey, maybe you and your boyfriend already do it like wild animals and you just want to make things even more interesting.

Let your boyfriend know you’re not wearing any un_derwear and watch his lust for you skyrocket.

9. Your pa_nts will fit better
Are there certain pairs of underw_ear you can’t wear with certain pairs of pa_nts because they make your pa_nts fit differently?

10. You’ll feel random bursts of pleasure throughout the day.
Having the seam of your pants run right along your honey pot can create some interesting sensations throughout the day.

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