Letoya Makhene and Lebohang Pulumo Keswa's lesbian marriage ends as Letoya 'dishes out sex to a Nigerian man'


The deeply private marital struggles between renowned television actress and singer Letoya Makhene and her spouse, Lebohang Pulumo Keswa, have been thrust into the spotlight. Sunday World reports that Keswa has made a series of disturbing allegations, including incidents of domestic violence, infidelity, and financial deception that have plagued their relationship over the past three years.

According to Keswa, the once seemingly idyllic marriage has been marred by a pattern of abuse and betrayal. She revealed that Makhene allegedly scalded her with boiling water, attacked her with an ironing board, and even threw a vase at her during heated arguments. These distressing incidents occurred on multiple occasions, leaving Keswa emotionally scarred and physically hurt.

But the revelations didn't stop there. Keswa's interview with Sunday World also exposed Makhene's alleged involvement with a married Nigerian drug merchant, engaging in a relationship fueled by narcotics. Keswa claims that Makhene's actions behind her back were motivated by a desire to obtain drugs, leading to a devastating breach of trust.

In a letter addressed to Makhene's family, Keswa detailed her decision to end their union, citing the actress's infidelity and involvement with a lesbian. She wrote, "Letoya Makhene cheated on me on two occasions with a Nigerian man, sleeping with him in exchange for drugs. Two weeks after Letoya cheated with the married man, I told her to leave my house, and she came to your home in Tladi (Soweto), only for her to once again cheat with a lesbian woman from your area."

Keswa further disclosed Makhene's destructive behavior, which extended beyond their personal lives. She stated, "Letoya has destroyed both the homes that we've lived in. Breaking windows and burning curtains at my grandmother's home and breaking furniture at our home." These acts of property damage added to the tumultuous nature of their relationship, leaving Keswa to cope with the aftermath.

Seeking resolution and support, Keswa revealed that they sought professional help, with a medical practitioner suggesting that Makhene receive treatment at a mental institution due to alcohol-related issues. However, Makhene allegedly refused to heed this advice, exacerbating the strain on their marriage.

Financial deception also emerged as a point of contention within the relationship. Keswa claimed that Makhene's family misled her, asserting that the actress was a qualified sangoma. Keswa paid lobola (dowry) for Makhene, her mother, her children, and her dlozis (ancestors), only to discover later that Makhene had not completed her initiation. This revelation left Keswa in a financial predicament, burdened by the costs associated with Makhene's unfinished initiation.

After careful consideration and consultation with her family, Keswa ultimately made the difficult decision to dissolve the marriage. In a letter responding to Keswa's decision, Makhene acknowledged the disintegration of their union. She expressed her sadness, stating, "My marriage to your daughter, my wife Lebohang Mahali Pulumo, has come to an end due to irreconcilable differences, and I think it's for the best that she and I do not try to fix things."

As this high-profile celebrity marriage unravels before our eyes, the entertainment industry and fans of Letoya Makhene are left stunned by the harrowing allegations of abuse, infidelity, and financial deceit. The revelations shared by Keswa in her interview and letter have shed light on the inner turmoil that plagued their relationship, leaving both parties emotionally drained and seeking closure.

Said Keswa: "The differences are irreconcilable; therefore, I am dissolving the marriage."

As this story continues to unfold, one can only hope for a peaceful resolution that allows both Letoya Makhene and Lebohang Pulumo Keswa to heal and move forward with their lives.

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