Actress Sonia Mbele Speaks Out – Addresses Tax Charges and Arrest Warrant


Former Generations actress Sonia Mbele is denying charges of tax evasion related to her time as director of production company Real Housewives of South Africa.

The NPA revealed 42 counts of failure to submit income tax, VAT and PAYE filings from 2019-2022 facing Sonia, along with RHSA directors Yolisa Gqunta and Rebone Sesing. A warrant was issued for Sonia's arrest if she fails to appear in court on October 5th.

However, Sonia's spokesperson Thato Malindi claims she has received no documentation about an arrest warrant. Thato maintains Sonia left RHSA and agreed to close the company in 2019, believing her involvement had ended.

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“We have seen a viral report from the media that there is a warrant of arrest for Sonia Mbele. We urge these reports to come forth with that documentation as we haven’t received it yet from her camp,” she said.

“In 2019, Sonia Mbele left Rhosa and concluded with her peers to close the company, however, the public officer and accountant didn’t do so. Now she is forced to attend these proceedings without any knowledge of the company still being operational when she left and decided to close down the company,” Thato said.

But Malindi alleges the public officer and accountant neglected to finalize shutdown procedures. As a result, Sonia now finds herself implicated in tax matters related to years after her departure.

Further, Sonia arranged her own payment plan to settle any personal debts as determined by assessment, indicating she is not in contempt of court. Medical issues likewise prevented her presence in the initial hearing, as corroborated by a submitted doctor's note.

“Sonia further made her own arrangements to settle her portion of the amount, which means she wasn’t in contempt of court due to the assessment made. Sonia also submitted a doctor’s note to the NPA, and it was taken into record.

“So, it confuses and derails us on why these allegations haven't been highlighted to make it seem like she has been ducking and dodging these allegations," Thato said.

Tax evasion is a serious offense that denies critical government revenue. However, Sonia proposes she has been an unwitting victim of failures by former partners and misleading media coverage on the true nature and timing of her involvement.

Public figures often face disproportionate scrutiny and credibility attacks even when defending themselves responsibly. Sonia's spokesperson demands transparency on the basis for her arrest threat to clear her name.

Ongoing health problems and the stress of battling false accusations additionally jeopardize Sonia's well-being. Supporters hope accurate details of her specific situation and remedial actions come to light.

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