Gospel Star Thinah Zungu Builds own Church Worth R1 Million


Thinah Zungu, the talented singer known for his powerful gospel music, has embarked on a new chapter in his spiritual journey. This year, he was ordained as a pastor and has been ministering through Ark Fellowship Church. Now, Thinah is taking another step by building his own church in Inanda.

Currently, the congregation gathers every Sunday in an old building, but plans are underway to move to a new and more suitable location. Reflecting on his unexpected calling, Thinah shares that he never planned to become a pastor, but when God called him, he willingly accepted the divine invitation.


To build the church he has taken money from his investments. "I put it on the building, along with pledges from abazalwane (congregants) and some from my fans. So far, we have spent R500 000 and still need another half a million to complete the house of God," he says.

While Thinah acknowledges that material wealth is not his primary focus, he believes that God deserves a place of worship that reflects His glory. He emphasizes the importance of investing time and money in God's work and creating a space where believers can praise Him comfortably. Building a church that he can call their own brings Thinah a sense of peace and fulfillment. His motivation lies in spreading the gospel and impacting lives, rather than pursuing personal gain.

Despite his involvement in the church, Thinah remains committed to his music career. He acknowledges the comfort and solace that his music brings to many people and intends to maintain a clear distinction between his music ministry and his role as a pastor. While his music has served as a form of preaching, Thinah now feels called to lead and guide the people of God in a more direct manner. He believes that his ordination was destined from the day he was born.

Becoming a pastor has brought significant changes to Thinah's life, requiring him to find a balance between his career, his spiritual duties, and his family. He recognizes the need for more time and wise decision-making to fulfill these various responsibilities. Thinah's journey as a pastor and musician intertwines, as he continues to use his musical talents to minister and inspire others while simultaneously taking on his new role as a spiritual leader.

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