Cassper Nyovest Pays Tribute to Fallen Rival AKA in Emotional New Song


In a touching tribute to his late rap rival, AKA, Cassper Nyovest has dedicated a heartfelt song to him on his newly released album, Solomon. The unexpected gesture marks a posthumous truce between the two artists and serves as a testament to the impact AKA had on the South African music scene.

The contentious relationship between Cassper Nyovest and AKA has been a topic of discussion for years. Both rappers rose to prominence around the same time, leading to intense competition and occasional public clashes. Cassper shed light on the genesis of their feud during an interview on rapper L-Tido's podcast. He revealed that their initial falling out stemmed from AKA's refusal to collaborate on Cassper's 2014 hit single, "Gusheshe."

“From there everything just went downhill. Then I remember when we actually agreed that we were beefing. I had just shot Doc Shebeleza and he had just shot Control, and after all these back and forths on Twitter, we met and he said ‘let’s go talk’,” Cassper revealed.

Following numerous online exchanges and Twitter wars, the two rivals decided to confront each other face-to-face. Cassper recounted a pivotal moment when they met and engaged in a confrontational conversation. AKA made it clear that they were adversaries in the cutthroat music industry, vowing to come after Cassper once their encounter concluded. This encounter solidified their rivalry.

However, on Cassper's latest album, Solomon, he poured out his emotions in a song called "Candlelight." The track is dedicated not only to late rising star Costa Titch but also to AKA. Cassper expresses deep regrets about not reconciling with his arch-nemesis before his untimely death. He acknowledges that AKA was the only competitor who truly challenged him and motivated him to constantly push his boundaries. Cassper acknowledges the impact AKA had on his career and admits that their beef played a significant role in his growth as an artist.

Despite their complex history, AKA's tragic passing earlier this year in February has evoked a sense of nostalgia and reflection in Cassper's music. Through carefully crafted lyrics, Cassper reveals how their rivalry was a defining aspect of his career, and the absence of AKA has made him appreciate their shared journey even more. He fondly reminisces about the moments they shared and the camaraderie they once had. Cassper's song also pays tribute to AKA's parents, showcasing a newfound appreciation for the late rapper's family.

"The other day I went and see your family/ I was scared ‘cause I thought that they’d be mad at me/ But they embraced me, your mama is a lady/ And your father might be cooler than you maybe (Just maybe)."

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