Zulu King Honors Tbo Touch with a Special Gift at Reed Dance Ceremony


In a heartwarming gesture, Zulu King Misuzulu kaZwelithini fulfilled his promise to radio personality Tbo Touch by presenting him with a royal cane during the traditional Reed Dance ceremony. The unexpected gift came as a surprise to Touch, who had interviewed the Zulu King a few months ago on his show.


Touch admitted that he initially didn't take the King's promise seriously. However, during the Reed Dance ceremony at Enyokeni Royal Palace in KwaNongoma over the weekend, the King honored his word and gifted Touch with the royal cane. Touch expressed his gratitude for the King's gesture, especially considering his busy schedule. He commended the King for his commitment to honoring his word, noting that the invitation to the show was extended back in July.

Receiving the gift was a momentous occasion for Touch, who recognized its significance in relation to his cultural heritage. The royal cane is not bestowed upon just anyone but is reserved for individuals with a royal bloodline. Touch, who comes from the prominent Molefe bloodline, part of the royal family, sees the gift as a symbol of recognition and trust from the King. He expressed his honor at being acknowledged in such a manner and emphasized the importance of preserving and passing down cultural traditions to future generations.

Touch believes that the royal cane represents not only a token of trust but also serves as a source of inspiration and confidence for him. Knowing that he has the blessing of the King, Touch feels empowered to continue his endeavors. He expressed his commitment to upholding his cultural heritage and highlighted the significance of maintaining and celebrating traditions.

The exchange between Zulu King Misuzulu kaZwelithini and Tbo Touch at the Reed Dance ceremony showcases the deep-rooted respect for cultural heritage and the importance of honoring promises. The King's thoughtful gesture not only recognizes Touch's royal lineage but also serves as a reminder of the rich traditions that shape South African society.

This heartwarming story resonates with the broader conversation about cultural preservation and the passing down of traditions to future generations. It reminds us of the significance of heritage and the role it plays in shaping personal identities and fostering a sense of belonging. Through acts of recognition and appreciation, like the gift presented to Tbo Touch, individuals are inspired to continue preserving and promoting their cultural heritage.

As society evolves, it is essential to embrace and celebrate diverse cultural backgrounds, recognizing their contributions to the fabric of our communities. This story serves as a reminder of the value of cultural exchange and understanding, fostering unity and appreciation among different groups.

The Reed Dance ceremony itself is a significant cultural event in Zulu tradition. It is an annual gathering where thousands of young Zulu women present reeds to the Zulu King's royal residence. The ceremony symbolizes purity, and the renewal of the bond between the King and his people. It is a vibrant celebration of Zulu culture and an opportunity to showcase the traditions and customs that have been passed down through generations.

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