Author Jackie Phamotse poisoned – loses her unborn baby


Author and social activist Jackie Phamotse has opened up about traumatic miscarriage which she says was a result of her being poisoned.

In an interview the author said she lost her baby just because she’s too vocal.

It was last year when Jackie was at an event, where she says her non-alcoholic beverage was spiked with poison. I didn’t see where the waited got my drink from, but when I got my drink, I started feeling sick after I got home.

According to the author, she was targeted for being too opinionated and vocal about taboo topics such as, cults, snakes, devil worshipping, s3x rings, sugar daddies, sacrifices for money, rituals and witchcraft.

The 31-year old said she also received a number of subtle warnings and death threats from people who wanted to silence her.

“I almost died. I have received several death threats, been publicly shamed and taken to court. Now I can add that someone tried to kill me by poisoning me.

I got to the doctor after my drink was poisoned and they did blood tests to see what the problem was.

The doctor confirmed I was poisoned.

Jackie says she has a clue who could have poisoned her but did not have enough evidence to prove it.“There were people in a certain room, at an event that I had attended. I was uncomfortable with being there anyway. I felt some type of way. We ate and oddly, I didn’t see where the waiter had gotten my drink. He came with my drink and I started feeling sick sometime after. Jackie says she knew this was because of her opinions. “I know I make people uncomfortable. They feel threatened and targeted, even when I don’t mention names,” she says. “My writing and the truth in it makes a lot of people uncomfortable and even those who don’t know what I am about have ended up hating me because of the brand.” But these days, she looks at how she delivers her content and opinions. “But it doesn’t take away the activism and the truth in my work and how I want it to translate. But I can be very robust,” she says. “That experience alone taught me that I need to be careful. In the beginning, I just shot from the hip and I was not really aware of the impact. Now, I sit down and look at what I say. But I still say what I want to say and still stay true to who I am.”

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