Lira opens up about suffering severe stroke which left her unable to speak, write or read


It has been a year since the Lira, real name Lerato Moipone Molapo was hit by a stroke while booked to perform in Germany.

She shares her journey of what happened to her when she was in Germany.

“It had been three years since I travelled overseas due to covid and I had traveled alone to Frankfurt, the band was coming from Sweden. I arrived two days before my performance. I walked around taking in the sights and scenes and the people.

“I had no idea what was happening, so I kept walking and nobody could see that I had a stroke because I was walking normally,” she wrote.

“I walked into a restaurant but I couldn’t talk. I moved my mouth but words couldn’t come out. When I realised this, I just broke down. The staff at the restaurant offered me a seat.

“I couldn’t communicate. I thought about asking them [for] direction to my hotel, it was nearby [but] I couldn’t communicate that. Once I stopped crying and got myself together, I left. It took me two hours to find my hotel.”

She got to her hotel in the evening but still could not communicate. She only communicated via WhatsApp but could not type.

“The paramedics couldn’t speak English and it’s only when I got to the hospital that I found out that I had a stroke.

“I was shocked, I cried the whole day and in the morning I accepted my situation.”

The next day, her agent tried to get hold of her but failed and sent people to her room. They discovered that she could not speak.

“I couldn’t speak or write or read and I must say that I am lucky! Many people don’t come away with that! I had to learn to speak as a child, learning how to say each letter, and forming a sentence. I did so joyfully though, I had no anxiety, no stress – just peace and calm. I have made such huge progress and I gave a speech at my birthday party. I’m almost there. Lira thanks everyone who for the support. “Thank you to all of you who kept me in your prayers and kept me in your good thoughts. You let your light shine for me. “In the year that I’ve needed to learn how to speak – I’ve enjoyed listening and the silence. I’ve learnt to be happier. I’ve learned to enjoy the simple things. Life is a gift and I hope to celebrate the gift of life for many years.”

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