#IdolsSA judge Unathi Nkayi's account hacked days after being assaulted by taxi driver


IdolsSA judge and radio personality Unathi Nkayi seems to be the latest Mzansi celebrity to be a victim of hacking or at least that's what we think.

Unathi's Instagram account has just switched up content and we are confused. It is even more confusing because if this was a paid promo type of gig, we would definitely be able to tell but this seems like more than just a business move.

Have a look below:


Even more puzzling, Unathi's bio has changed as well. As seen above, it now reads, "Official Instagram Help Team. If there is an important development about your account, you will be notified through this channel"

You cannot tell us that is definitely raising some eyebrows if not shocking. This has left us wondering if Unathi has sold her account to Instagram (if that is even doable) or has been hacked by the social media platform and if that is the case, that is definitely weird.

Instagram's help team has taken over her whole Instagram account, changed the display picture and started posting content of what goes on in their office.

Unathi has not said anything and it is understandable seeing that the change of change just took place 16 hours ago, less than a day to be exact. It could also be that Unathi's account was indeed hacked and Instagram's help team is helping recover it. We hope it is the latter.

Just four days, Unathi had a scary encounter with a man who apparently assaulted her repeatedly. The Idols SA judge was left frantic after the assault happened and said she felt violated as other men put their hands on her.

When will women ever feel safe in this country? Media personality Unathi Nkayi revealed on Instagram that she was assaulted by a man, who is a taxi driver, bumped into her car. Instead of apologising or seeing fault in the situation, the man intimidated her by shouting at the songstress.

Unathi did not allow the man to intimidate her, so he proceeded to put his hands on her numerous times, violating her in the process. If that was not enough, Unathi said other men came to her defense to try and diffuse the situation, but they too put their hands on her.

What a bad way to start Women's Month! Unathi will not be taking any of this lying down and she said she will be opening a hit and run case against the male.

"WHAT we deal with as South African WOMEN!!!!! He bumps my car, shouts at me to intimidate me. When that doesn’t work he repeatedly puts his hands on me. When that doesn’t work he flees. BUT the other men trying to diffuse the situation ALSO think it’s okay TO PUT THEIR HANDS ON ME. Happy Women’s Month ladies. PS I’m fine. Will open up a hit and run case. WOAW South Africa. WOAW," she captioned her posts.

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