Uzalo's Simphiwe Majozi speaks on his love life and new album


When he is on screen, he is scheming and loves easy money just as much as he loves his woman.  but In real-life, however, Simphiwe Majozi is a proud Zulu man, a budding musician and a loyal boyfriend.

Simphiwe is no doubt one of the most love actors on SABC 1 drama series Uzalo, he has made a name for himself as the young and funny thug from KwaMashu.

The actor who makes a living by hijacking cars and doing other criminal activities  is also a romantic, and is dedicated to the love of his life, Fikile.

 Even though he is a fan favourite, Simphiwe insists that he is nothing like his character.

"The only thing that is similar are the dreadlocks and the voice. Anything else no," he tells us.

"I am the total opposite to my on-screen character. Everyone knows that Sbu is a troublemaker and he is always scheming, he loves money and he lies. And I am not like that. But as much as Sbu is troublemaker, he is very loyal when it comes to his relationships and he would do anything for Fikile and that is the one attribute I share with Sbu, I am very loyal."

Speaking on loyalty, the actor revealed he is currently in a relationship but prefers to keep the details of it, private.

His heritage-

Simphiwe is not on a show like Uzalo by mistake. Born to a Zulu father and a Xhosa mother, he explains to us that he's proud of his heritage

"For me what makes me proud about being Zulu is how proud our people are of their culture, traditions, customs, and their history"
he says.

'I hear a lot of people saying Zulu people are stubborn and don't want to learn other people's languages, but I don't think that is the case.

" I just think we are too proud of our culture, in such a way that we don't want to disturb it even one bit. That is why I am proud of being 'Zulu'

Speaking to Drum Simphiwe mentions that in addition to IsiZulu, he also speaks IsiXhosa and English fluently but also knows quite a bit of Sesotho.

"I would like to learn Setswana and Sepedi, because there are guys that I work with here on Uzalo and I always listen to them when they speak, and it interests me."

-His love for music-

The actor says he has been recording and writing music over the years and is going to be releasing his first album.

"This year I released my single, he says.

"I have been making music for years now, but each time I planned on releasing it, it never seems like the right time."

The star released his first single this year, in July and it was titled Izobona Ngomophu (You will reap what you sow)

He tells Drum that the song was inspired by the current pandemic and how people were not adhering to the rules and regulation on Covid-19.

"I released the song hoping that it can warn South Africans. And I wanted South Africans to be aware that if they don't listen, there will be consequences to their actions."

Even though Simphiwe didn't think his single will blow up, it was well received, and his fans want to hear more of his music.

"People really liked it and they said they want more music. And now I am planning on releasing a whole album in November," he tells us.

My music is Afro pop, so it will accommodate everyone."

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