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Priddy Ugly and Bontle give fans a glimpse into their lives as first time parents


For many people being confined to the house for a number of days is so challenging, it is like being under house arrest, however for Piddy Ugly (28), Bontle Moloi (29) and their 6-month-old daughter, Afrika, has been perfect moments.

The lockdown has given them the opportunity to know each other better.

"I am getting to know my husband in this design we have created as our home. And I am getting to know Bontle as a mother because I have never done this before," she told Drum magazine recently.

In November 20189, the celebrity couple welcomed their daughter, and named her Afrika out of patriotism.

"We are huge patriots of Africa. We believe it is beautiful and that is what she represents. We loved how it sounds and we loved how it represented where we are from, our heritage, our future," said Piddy whose real name is Ricardo Moloi.

The rapper and his TV personality wife gave their daughter not only one name, but, three.

"Her second name is Bonita, a portuguese name for beautiful and her third name is Lerato which means love. She is a manifestation of our decade long love, hence the three names," said the Angolan born Piddy.

The two parents are protective of their daughter and are hesitant to expose her to the public for now. Piddy said at times people could invade their private space when in public, by trying to reach out to the baby to see her face.

Bontle said being a mother has given her more responsibility and the reason to live. "Now you don't work for yourself, your dreams and goals are all of a sudden bigger than you. Having a greater reason to live," she said.

The celebrity parents said parenting is time consuming, but they are enjoying it anyway. "Scheduling becomes important because we are not just parents, we are human we have dreams, careers and business that we are building," she said, adding that as a mother sometimes feel guilty for having to attend to certain things more than others.

She said though it is hard to balance the two acts of being a mother and her career, she is loving the experience. She dances a lot in order to shed her weight.

She has since taken up a creative role at Netflix and said it feels like an honour for her to play part alongside her sister Candice Modisele.

Bontle is also working with her husband on their YouTube channel Ha Moloi, which they started during the lockdown. In 2018, they released DNA Da New Afrika under the name Rick Jade.

They say they use the current scenario to inspire other things, learning new and different skills. They have adjusted to the situation so well.

For the two celebrities, the lockdown has not been that bad, but a time to reflect and recharge their batteries.


Who hates changing nappies?

None of us. We’ve become accustomed to it.

Who is more likely to get up in the middle of the night with baby Afrika? Mama Afrika.

First thing you bought her?

Her first outfit options and baby blanket for her hospital bag as well as little teddy bears.

Baby Afrika’s first word?

She’s still in her mumble phase.

Who does she look like?

She’s the perfect blend of both parents.

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