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Masasa Mbangeni on why actors can’t get 'turned on' during sexy scenes with co-stars


Actress Masasa Mbangeni has lifted the lid on why she believes it is considered “sexual harassment” when actors are turned on during intimate scenes with co-stars.

The Scandal! actress, who is no stranger to intimate scenes herself, shared her views on the topic after a Twitter user tagged her in a sex scene question that got tongues wagging about whether or not actors do become aroused.

Being the straight shooter she is, Masasa replied by saying actors performing an intimacy act are not supposed to be turned on as it would be considered “sexual harassment”.

She said she would discuss the scene with her co-stars, and the areas they felt most comfortable to have touched.

“That would be sexual harassment. We discuss intimate scenes and block them with the care, safety and precautions needed so that all feel safe. So, no. No one gets turned on.

Earlier this month Masasa sarcastically posted a steaming hot kissing snap with her co-star.

This she shared in response to President Cyril Ramaphosa's advice that kissing and hugging would be a thing of the past during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In April, the actress shared that when she's not slaying her characters on screen, she was teaching other's how to do justice to their art.

Taking to Twitter, Masasa highlighted the importance of one putting effort and care into their work as opposed to chasing clout and social media followers.

“People literally take time out of their lives to watch actors do their work. I use to tell this to my students all the time. The time they will never get back! Make it worth it! Care about your work. That’s what sets you apart. Not followers on social media or complexion, but care.”


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