Actor & kwaito artist Israel ‘GP Ma Orange” Matseke Zulu speaks out on murder charge


Being falsely accused of a crime can be so annoying and destructive, let alone for a grave offence such as murder.

It affects one’s business, social standing and the way people would relate to the person after the allegations.

Prominent and kwaito artist Israel ‘GP Ma Orange” Matseke Zulu is breathing fire after he was falsely accused shooting and killing a Stjwetla resident.

The allegations follows a misunderstanding between the Stjwetla and Marlboro Extension residents over the illegal connect of electricity.

Matseke was accused of the crime and he is fumig and dismissing the allegations that he killed a person using an AK-47 rifle.

In a statement, Ma Orange said he was taken by surprise and shock after worried family members and fans reached out to him over the allegations they had seen on social media.

On Facebook, a user by the name of "Helper Baloyi" said, “GP MaOrange killed a person today Morning by AK47 in Setswetla".

“The post further alleges in subsequent replies that I killed this person over illegal electricity connections,” he said.

He confirmed that the incident happened outside his house, but he claimed that he was in his house sleeping.

“While the incident indeed happened outside my house, I would like to indicate that at the time the confrontation started on Sunday morning and guns got drawn, I was in my house sleeping,” he said.

He explained that he was informed that they were the same people who had tried to connect electricity illegally in the area.

“I am told that these people are the same ones who came a day earlier on Saturday and tried to force to connect electricity illegally around our areas in Malboro extension,” he added.

On Saturday, it is alleged that the people in the area stood against the Stjwetla residents saying they won’t let it happen.

The substation the Stjwetla resident allegedly wanted to connect from had had faults due to overloading, it had blew up a few times in the past.

“When they returned today Sunday I am told there was a scuffle and guns were pulled. One person unfortunately died when one of the guns went off,” he added.

The police attended the scene and are better off with details of what happened.

“However I refute the reports on social media that I am the one who killed a person and i used an AK47 to do so,” he claimed.

He said it is worrying him and that it could ruin his reputation.

“These false reports have the potential to damage my brand and reputation, they are malicious in nature, and may even create unnecessary enemies for me. I am an Actor and Musicians and reports like these may make it difficult for me to make a living,” he added.

Ma Orange opened a case with the Alexandra Police Station over the allegations.

“I want people to stop spreading fake rumours about me on Social Media as they are not only damaging but also create unnecessary panic from family and friends,” he said.

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