Beer price shoots up


They are living up to their bad reputation, boozers and smokers are going against the lockdown rules and regulations, the government is urging citizens to comply with the health advice being given by medical experts in order to fight the deadly coronavirus.

However, the boozers and smokers are not interested in all that, all they want is to continue getting high on drugs.

Siyabulela Stungu is one such person and is not enjoying the current set up of things.

“I’m used to drinking every weekend and almost every day during the festive season. Everything is now at a standstill and I’m used to hard labour at construction companies. I’m bored from watching TV, and from sleeping and eating. There’s no way I can carry on like this.”

He confessed that legal drinking joints are closed, in line with the government directive, but highlighted that there were people in the community selling alcohol at exorbitant prices.

“A 750ml beer used to be R18 but now it’s R22. For a litre of beer, I used to pay R22 but now I’m paying R35. I have no choice but to pay. I’m thirsty,” he said.

Another boozer concurred with him, but alleged that the legal drinking spots are continuing, but operating from underground.

“They only sell alcohol to us, their loyal customers. We call them and they deliver to our homes. Some of us go to them with backpacks and others hide alcohol under their pajamas," said the boozer who cannot be named.

“At the legal tavern I used to pay R150 for a bottle of brandy, but now it’s between R200 and R250.

“For a cigarette, I used to pay between R1 and R2. but now a loose cigarette is R3 or R3,50,” he said.

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