AKA dumped DJ Zinhle a day before her birthday; More details of their break up emerge


A source says the couple called it quits last month, but, in an Instagram message, Zinhle claimed she could not live without him.

Rapper AKA allegedly ended his relationship with DJ Zinhle on the eve of her birthday last year.

City Press has reliably learnt that AKA broke up with the Umlilo hit-maker because he felt “there were too many people involved in their relationship”.

This week, several sources close to AKA – whose real name is Kiernan Forbes – and Zinhle – whose real name is Ntombezinhle Jiyane – alleged the couple didn’t spend time together during the festive season.

“AKA and Zinhle are inseparable – they do everything together, including going on vacation, but December was different,” said a source who is close to the couple.

The well-placed source said that Zinhle spent her birthday with her close friends in Cape Town.

On her birthday – December 30 – AKA sent his baby mama birthday wishes on Instagram, but he later deleted the post.

Zinhle did not respond to our calls and messages requesting comment. However, yesterday morning on Instagram, she wrote: “I definitely cannot live without Kiernan.”

AKA’s publicity manager, Pumza Nohashe of Brand Three Sixty Communications, said he was not in a position to comment as he was on holiday in Korea.

“After a long and gruelling festive season schedule entertaining his large fanbase across southern Africa, Forbes has taken a much-deserved break as per doctor’s orders. He hurt his knee during a performance, and he’s scheduled to undergo an operation later this month.

“He remains committed to being the best father, son and brother and, importantly, his biggest aim is to continue entertaining his legions of fans through his music,” she said. It’s not the first time the couple ended their relationship. In 2015, Zinhle announced their break-up in a statement. She wrote: “A week before our daughter was born, I found out about an affair. I also received confirmation of all the rumours through an honest conversation I had with Kiernan. He confirmed that the affair had been going on for more than five months.”

AKA and Zinhle have a four-year-old daughter together. Zinhle reportedly kicked AKA out of her plush home in northern Johannesburg after a lengthy argument about his public affair.

But, three years later, they rekindled their love, although they kept it hush-hush at the beginning.

Later, they posted a series of pictures on social media of the two of them kissing and hugging.

It wasn’t until November that Zinhle confirmed to Drum Magazine that they were back together again and that they were no longer hiding the relationship.

“We are just at a point in our relationship where we do not care too much about what people think,” she told Drum.

“All we are concerned about is creating an environment that’s great for our child, and making sure her childhood is filled with beautiful memories with mommy and daddy.”

However, just a month later, sources alleged AKA had had enough and decided to end the relationship because he felt Zinhle chose her friends over him.

On December 31, AKA said on Twitter that so much had happened.

He said he had to deal with a “couple of personal things” while trying to deal with all the expectations that came with being AKA.

“I am grateful for all of it, but way too tired. To be honest, I am really trying to drag myself to the finishing line. It’s been a brutal end to the year,” he tweeted.

“AKA felt so much pressure and insecurity when Zinhle was starting to make a lot of money and she became a control freak, disrespectful and spoke to him like a child in the presence of their friends,” said the source close to both of them.

“Their relationship was prolonged to the end. They started not spending time together and would not communicate when they had gigs outside Johannesburg.

“Sometimes they bumped into each other at the airport and they were unaware that they were booked on the same flight. That’s how things became ugly and this put a lot of strain on their relationship,” the source said.

Zinhle’s followers were divided when she took AKA back into her life.

Some accused her of desperation, especially because AKA had cheated on her.

But Zinhle wasn’t bothered about people’s opinions. It was evident when she told Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa on the Vodcast, Yours Sincerely on Touch HD: “I don’t rob myself of things that I want and can acquire. The decision to be with the father of my child has nothing to do with my child. It sounds pompous, but if there is an opportunity for me and someone to reconcile, and if I feel I want it, I will take a chance because I don’t want to question myself four years later.”


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