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Its Zodwa Wabantu vs SA Gays: Angry Gay community bays for Zodwa's blood, F*ck Zodwa Wabantu (video)


South African media personalities Phil Mphela and Innocent Matijane are taking Zodwa Wabantu to task after the controversial dancer angered the country’s gay community with her homophobic comments this weekend

When Zodwa Wabantu named her show Uncensored she probably also meant “unfiltered” and “unadulterated” but we’re not so sure she was going for “offensive” when thinking about her content. Unfortunately, it’s the last adjective which best describes the comments she made in the most recent episode of her spicy Moja Love show.

The star found herself trending shortly after the episode aired and some of South Africa’s most influential and openly gay men were not impressed.

During one segment of the most recent episode of Zodwa Wabantu Uncensored, the star claimed, “Gay people are naughty. Name a gay person who has never fought with a woman in the entertainment industry. They are convinced they have a va***a, they have a p***s”

You can watch the video below:

It didn’t take long for people to respond to her comments and she was called out for her homophobic opinions on social media

Many gay men in particular were livid with the entertainer, while others felt betrayed by her words, considering the support that Zodwa has received from the LGBT community over the years.

Innocent Matijane led the way in calling Zodwa (and Moja Love) out for her comments while also recalling the support he and many other openly gay men have offered her in the past, in a series of tweets which he later deleted.

Entertainment reporter and influencer, Phil Mphela however was in no mood to hide from Zodwa and her legion of fans. The outspoken commentator not only condemned Zodwa’s comments, but also called out hetero celebrities as well as some of his gay peers who pander to them for clout:

Zodwa’s comments struck a chord across the South African Twittersphere as many took to the social network to correct her and call her out for her harmful comments

Zodwa has yet to respond to the angry comments she has received on social media and although some of the noise from the weekend has died down, it does not seem as if this is the end of this particular saga.

Do you think Zodwa should be taken to task for her homophobic comments?

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