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Hlomla Dandala speaks out after exposing wife – I'm hurt social media supported my wife's cheating


Hlomla Dandala is hurt by how social media reacted after he put his wife on blast for allegedly cheating on him

The actor made headlines last week after sharing a picture of his wife and a man he referred to as Chiskop.

“When a man enters your house, gets intimate with your wife while your children are in the house knowing full well that you are the husband and then publicises their pictures on social media for the world to see, what is meant to happen?,” he captioned the image, which has since been deleted.

Instead of receiving sympathy, Twitter users mocked Hlomla.

Some went so far as to claim he deserved to be cheated on as he had allegedly done the same to his previous wife, a claim Hlomla has denied in the past.

The actor has no regrets about letting the public know his feelings.


“So for the record, now that it’s out, I don’t regret hurting. I regret to succumbing to social media pressures of bottling my hurt and storing it for so long that it came out this way.”

Hlomla had a special message for women mocking him after his heartbreak.

“It’s cute when trolls judge you based on tabloids that were disproved YEARS ago. But continue vomiting your hurts about men that hurt you on me.”

Meanwhile, neither Hlomla’s wife nor Chiskop have spoken publicly about his accusations.

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