Nsiki Mazwai puts nosy Dj Zinhle in her place, Tells her Bonang has more Zing


DJ Zinhle voluntarily stepped into the messy situation that is the Pearl Thusi and Ntsiki Mazwai feud and all hell broke loose

Being the awesome bestie that she is, Zinhle decided to defend Pearl against “bully” Ntsiki.

The drama started last week when the controversial poet called Pearl “obnoxious” while commenting on Khanya Mkangisa’s arrest for alleged drunk driving.

“Khanya has that obnoxious thing that Pearl Thusi has…,” Ntsiki wrote.

Pearl tried to laugh off Ntsiki’s post.

“Yazi you’ll be minding your own business. Then there comes Ntsiki out of nowhere. She’s so funny yazi. Bless her shame man.”But the queen of shade decided to get spicy

“Guys please watch Ntsiki’s show. It’s sad when someone can’t love themselves enough to leave other women alone. But if we support her then maybe she’ll value herself enough to stop trying to insult and drag other women down,” Pearl added in a separate tweet.

Twitter users thought the drama between the two make for entertaining TV and suggested that Pearl invite Ntsiki as a guest on his hit show, Behind the Story.

It looked like the pair were going to put their differences aside and do just that!

But Pearl soon announced on Monday that Ntsiki has “pulled out of the interview” and she was “really bummed” about the decision.

Ntsiki set the record straight about really happened – according to her anyway.

“I didn’t pull out… I declined – pls stop making my brand look weak sis… I beg phuma kimi…”

And so began round two of the stars’ war of words. Enter DJ Zinhle

Zinhle replied to one of Pearl’s tweets about the issue.

“Typical cyber bully… They are only brave behind their phones.”

Zinhle added in a separate tweet that she was speaking from personal experience.

“Been a victim myself & not once have I ever said anything negative about the lady. I’m jus grown & I know that none of it has anything to do with me, some people r feeling so low & the only hope of ever feeling better is by stepping on others.”

Ntsiki did not let Zinhle’s comment slide and threw Bonang Matheba’s name into the mix for extra drama.

“I think she is hurt about me saying Bonang has Zing… nothing more. It’s ok,” she tweeted in response to Zinhle’s tweets.

After putting Zinhle in her place, Ntsiki resumed her war with Pearl

She said Pearl should have emailed her instead of taking her issues to social media.

Pearl noted that Ntsiki started the drama when she publicly dissed her on Twitter.

As far as Ntsiki is concerned people always gang up on her because she is “very strong with a powerful aura” that makes them uncomfortable.

Too bad Pearl could not see the tweet because Ntsiki blocked her ages ago!

The drama continues…


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