TV Presenter Minnie Dlamini-Jones in hot soup over R10 million grant for concept stolen from Noni Gasa


TV PERSONALITY, Minnie Dlamini-Jones, has recently been burnt by the unforgiving Black Twitter.

The entertainment darling last week posted on the social media platform – and stated during a recent Destiny Magazine interview – that she’d received a R10 million grant from the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa.

But the observant whims of Black Twitter wouldn’t let what Minnie later described as a “grammatical error” slide.


Posted Twitter user @baninzi: Received grant… Applied for loan… Pending… Which is which? I understand why people have a problem with this.

Said a source: “There’s a huge difference between a grant and a loan.” After the backlash, Minnie retracted her statement.

Meanwhile, Minnie is said to be dealing with another problem behind the scenes. According to insiders, family friend and TV personality-turned-executive, Noni Gasa, and the star are wrestling over the same concept Minnie received funding for.

Insiders close to the two claimed Minnie stole Noni’s skincare-range idea.

Said the informant: “Noni is the brains behind the idea and wanted a celebrity face for it.”

The informant claimed Noni first approached her BFF and media personality, Nandi Madida, who was allegedly unavailable “because of her hectic schedule”.

Insisted the informant: “Nandi couldn’t be part of the idea because she’s contractually obligated to global beauty soap brand, Lux.”

The informant claimed Noni then approached another sister and family friend, Minnie, who allegedly accepted the offer.

“Mind you, Noni has been working on this idea since 2014, so this is something she’s very passionate about.”

The informant said Noni approached Minnie with everything, including the formula of the product and the lab where the product would be developed. “She came to Minnie looking for a celebrity name and face, so it would be easy to get into the market.”

Another source supported the allegations, saying Minnie liked the idea and jumped on it without hesitation.

“Trouble started when Minnie went behind Noni’s back and approached the lab guys and told them Noni is going to make more money,” the source said. “Minnie convinced them they could work together and promised to get the funding. They liked the new deal.”

The third source claimed Noni gave Minnie a working contract, who then vanished without a trace. According to the source, Noni saw the November Destiny magazine cover and took drastic steps.

When called, Noni said she was in a meeting and requested to be called later. When called again, she blocked the SunTeam’s numbers.

Both Minnie and Nandi could not be reached for comment and they failed to respond to our SMSes.

– Sunday Sun

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