PLEASE HELP: Can I seduce my housemaid by running around in my underwear inside the house?

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Can I seduce my housemaid by running around in my underwear inside the house?



How would anyone know what you or your maid are capable of? How could we guess what she thinks of you …does she even find you attractive? Kind of an inane question to ask with so many possibilities.

Bottom line? I suppose anything is possible and if you’re two unattached/unmarried adults and you *BOTH* want to play the “game” then have at it. But realize this only works if you *both* play the game. If the maid doesn’t want to play or has no interest in you then you maybe looking for a new maid. Or worse.

And here’s some “outside of you” thoughts.

You may be placing the maid in a highly compromised position. You are her employer. While you may think it great sport, this strutting about in your Andrew Christians, the maid may be feeling forced into something she wants no part of for the sake of keeping her job.

And that sir, would be crossing a serious line. A line, if crossed, that would label you as a lout, cad and sexual predator. Depending on what country you live in your maid may just bring charges of sexual harassment against you; file a lawsuit.

And then again you might be in one of those countries where justice is meted out in a different way… like getting rolled in some alley some dark night by her big brother or maybe her father or both. BTW, all cellphones have cameras and most have video recording capabilities. Act like a grown up. Show some personal responsibility.

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