How Online Casinos Are Regulated and Licensed?


If you're like us, you enjoy playing casino games as a hobby, and you are certainly aware that a good casino is a structure that operates legally, and that you can play it safely in your country of residence. Online gambling has become a widespread phenomenon, and authorities have to make sure that this pastime is regulated and that every operating casino has a legit license.

In this article, you will understand more about the legality of a casino operation. You might learn a thing or two about what makes a good casino, from the moment you register to the moment that you can withdraw your precious gains. There are no complicated terms, but just a few concepts that are crucial to understanding if you want to enjoy online games without worrying about losing money or getting scammed.

First, Let’s Talk About Gambling Licenses

There are a thousand important things happening behind the scene if you wish to create and operate a functional online casino site. Perhaps the most crucial is to obtain a license, as it will make the casino legit in the eyes of governments and gaming authorities. Without acquiring a license, a casino might be considered an illegal operation and can be shut down anytime.

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In the United Kingdom, the main license is the UKGC. It is the best way to regulate and audit casino companies to make sure they adhere to a strict set of guidelines to operate safe online roulette casino sites. We are talking about customer rights, matters of compliance, the obligation to have enough funds to pay the customers’ winnings, and many other aspects of a casino website. The same goes for betting sites and poker sites.

How to Spot a License on a Gambling Site?

There are other important licenses in the world, and you might also come across a casino with a license from Curaçao, a small island located in the north of Venezuela, or even a Malta Gaming Authority stamp, originating from Malta. As it goes, purchasing and obtaining a license is pretty much the Holy Grail for any online casino business that strives to build a serious reputation.

As a customer, you can check the license of a casino just by scrolling down the website. You will see a logo of the license certifying that the website adheres to the guidelines of said license. This information is also available on the terms and conditions page, which should include the number of the license and the country it originates from. If you don’t see that information anywhere, we recommend that you stop visiting the site as you won’t have proof that it operates legally.

What Are the Regulations for Online Casinos?

There are many legal, financial and ethical aspects to think about when you deal with casino games, and most of them are dedicated to protecting customers’ rights and the interest of authorities. As you may already know, you need to go through a registration process that includes giving your personal info, your bank details and so on. Online casinos do have a compliance team that helps understand who their customers are to prevent fraud and money laundering schemes. Therefore, it is common practice to deliver ID documentation and proof of residence to prove that you are basically an honest person that wants to enjoy casino games.

The same goes for other financial aspects, such as the obligation of the casino to provide sufficient funds to pay the winnings. More often than not, online casinos go through lengthy audits made by a third party that will verify every aspect of their business including bills, account management and verification of all sorts.

The financial aspect of regulation also pertains to the money that the player is allowed to deposit every month, and that he is allowed to withdraw every month. The choice of payment methods also depends on the authority in place. For example, PayPal isn’t allowed to operate on French online casinos, and bank transfer is the only method allowed to withdraw your gains in this particular country.

The casino goes through background checks of its owners and the people who operate it on a daily basis. Even if a casino possesses a legit license, it can be shut down for malpractice or for strong suspicion of fraud. It is important to note that every country has a different approach to how it regulates a casino.

Gambling and Regulations: Final Words

The gambling industry professionals and players think the same thing: playing online casino games should be a fun and rewarding experience, and everything should be in place so the player doesn’t lose control of his finances. There is a vast array of actions that a player can take if his gambling habit is getting out of control. The first thing to do is to inform the website that you should be banned – at least temporarily – for depositing money and playing casino games if you think your financial health is in danger.

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