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Teacher, worker, lawyer, it doesn’t matter. Whoever you are, at some point you will work with documents and have to be able to manage them, edit them, organize them, and send/share them. If you are an office worker, this will be a large part of your job. Although we all have our own tasks at some point we will need to do some work involving the documentation of our tasks. There are a lot of different file types that you will work with but probably the most common will be PDF files. Although Microsoft Word is the most popular in terms of text writing, files that are more complex and need to be shared with many others are often better used as a PDF.

PDFs are a common file type. The name PDF stands for portable document format. Although it is not the most popular type of file in terms of document making, that likely goes to Microsoft Word. The reason that PDFs are used in academics, the legal profession, and in businesses all around the world is that they are so versatile. PDFs are not text files but rather a picture of a document. This means that PDFs can be scans of a document and be edited as an image. This makes them versatile and workable in ways that a traditional text document isn’t. This is great for people who need to work with them, but there is one catch when working with PDFs, and that you will need a way to work on them. For PDFs, this means working with PDF editors. If you need to edit or even just open a PDF, you will need some kind of PDF editor or PDF viewer.

If you are working with PDFs or need to open a PDF file and need to use a PDF editor, you will not have any shortage of choice. There are a large number of PDF editors and PDF viewing software available. Some of them are free and some of them are expensive, which one you choose will largely be determined by what exactly you need. PDF editors when used correctly can help you manage and edit PDFs in many ways. Some of the tools that PDF editors have are the merge PDF tool which can be used to merge PDFs together, and the compress PDF tool which can be used to make a PDF smaller and easier to share or email to someone. These are just a few of the widely used tools that a PDF editor might have at its disposal. These are not the only ones though. While they can complete complex tasks, for many people the only thing they will need a PDF editor to do is simply open a PDF. So how can we use a PDF editor to open a PDF online?

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The File Menu

Depending on which PDF editor you are using the process might be slightly different, however, the process will generally be similar from PDF editor to PDF editor. The first thing you should do when trying to open and work with a PDF editor is to go to your file menu. Here you can go to the file, then click open. After choosing the open option, you will have the option to browse for a PDF. From here it is just a matter of navigating to the correct file path and choosing the file you need to open in the PDF editor. After selecting it, it will be opened in your PDF editor.


Simply opening the PDF editor and then using the file path to open the file is not the only way you can open a PDF file. If you are using a PDF editor that has the drag-and-drop feature there is another way. You can browse your computer for the file you need to open and then click and hold the file. From there you can take the file and drag it over to your PDF editor. It should be noted that not all PDF editors have this functionality so be careful not to accidentally delete or rename your file using this process. If you can’t use this process, there is another and even simpler way to open your PDF file.

Double-click or right-click

The easiest way to open a PDF file or any file generally is to simply double-click the file. If you already have an online PDF editor at your disposal, then you will be able to simply double-click a PDF file, and then it will automatically open in your PDF editor. This will make things easier but it only works if you have a default PDF editor for this purpose otherwise your device will not know what you wish it to do. Sometimes it might prompt you and ask you which application to open the PDF in if one is not set up automatically. In this case, you can simply choose the one you need to open it in. Additionally, you can open a PDF file this way by right-clicking it and then selecting the open option, or alternatively if you wish to open it in a specific PDF editor, then you can select the program in which to open the PDF. There are multiple ways to open a PDF, the important thing to remember though is to have an application already on your device for this purpose.

Being able to open and view PDFs and additionally manage and work with them is an essential job skill that is needed in the modern office space. The first step in this though is finding a PDF editor to work with, Your company might already have a preference for this such as Lumin PDF or Adobe Acrobat, but if not then you can choose which ones match your needs the best and from there you can open, view, edit and work with PDFs as you need.

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