How to Get Rid of Background Image


The need to get rid of the background image can arise when processing photos for both commercial and personal purposes. For example:

  • A company did a photo shoot for gorgeous beachfront products by the sea, but Amazon requires all photos in its online stores to be displayed against a white background
  • The girl looks great in the photo from the last party, but she can’t post them on the social network because there are other people in the background

These and many other tasks of removing and replacing background images will be solved in a couple of clicks if you use VistaCreate's online photo maker here. The platform makes it possible to do this completely free of charge and even download or embed ready-made images on social networks.

Algorithm of Actions for Removing Background Images on VistaCreate

To remove unwanted images in the photo, the user of the platform will not have to do anything special. Neural networks will do everything for him. To invite them to action, you need to press just one key:

  • First, register on the VistaCreate platform and upload the photo that needs to be processed
  • On the top panel, find the "Remove Background" button and activate it
  • If you only want to remove some background images, select them and delete them while keeping the rest of the image intact

After removing the unwanted background, you can add a new one. You can also place various visual objects and inscriptions in the picture. After the picture is ready, it can be uploaded in the required format or shared on social networks.

Your photos will always be fresh and exciting thanks to the huge number of alternative backgrounds presented in the VistaCreate collection. You can even animate them and add musical accompaniment. Increase interest in your products or personal pages on social networks with the help of VistaCreate.

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