Popular s3x advice you should avoid


A lot of time, we rely on friends or magazines to seek advice on how to make our sex life exciting. And thanks to the Internet, sex tips are just a click away, right? Sadly, not all tricks and sex tips work and therefore it’s important to know the chaff from the grain. So, let’s look at a few sex tips, which are very popular but unfortunately, they end up doing nothing for our sex life.

Mixing food and sex
Using melted chocolate or whipped cream on your partner’s erogenous area and licking it off only reads or sounds good. Trust us, mixing food and sex is the worst advice to follow if you want to add flavour to your sex life. Remember, strawberries and cream only taste good when eaten from a bowl with a spoon, not anywhere else!

Wearing lingerie that is more complicated than rocket science
Never underestimate the power of a pair of sexy lingerie to take your pleasure to the next level. But at the same time, never overestimate its kinky power as well. A lot of lingerie that looks good in the store, may not be very practical to use. Imagine wearing a corset that requires massive elbow grease to open and when the moment of passion is at its peak, your partner would not be super excited to do that, right?

Biting and scratching
In most erotic movies, no steamy scene is complete without the actress with long red nails leaving her lover covered in scratches. Even a popular book, considered an epic on sex advice, suggest the same. However, excessive biting or scratching can never help a person get aroused. If you really want to follow that advice, you need to do that in moderation.

Talking dirty

Talking dirty sounds like an easy thing to do but trust us when you tell you this: talking dirty is a skill that only a few can master. So, the chances are that when you talk dirty to a partner, you might end up making him or her feel disgusting rather than erotic. It needs a lot of practice and if you aren’t comfortable talking dirty, leave it only to the expert.

Car sex

Unless you have expert level acrobatic skills and are highly flexible, having sex inside a car is not as enjoyable as it’s shown in the movies. Moreover, having sex in a moving car is not only highly inconvenient but can be very risky. So, take such sex tips only with a pinch of salt!


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