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Prophet MBORO was arrested yesterday on fraud allegations after his driver exposed his tricks.

Prophert Mboro is accused of ‘planting’ fake goblins and live snakes in people’s homes claiming that their relatives are bewitching them.

His driver Norest Lilamo disclosed this to seven victims after he clashed with Mboro for bedding his (Mboro)’s wife.

One of Mboro victims Alec Gavilo told us that he lost more than R22 000 after Mboro removed a baboon leg with charms planted in his house.

“Problems lead us to consult these prophets but I want to thank God for allowing Mboro’s driver to confess what this fake prophet was doing,” said Alec.

“His driver told me that many people were being duped by Mboro and I discovered that he bought harmless live snakes from Snake Park and planted them at one of his victims’ home.

“That man lost his new mobile phone and money and this is so disturbing to learn that people are making these so called goblins and getting live snakes from our parks,” said Alec.

Brian confirmed cheating with Mboro's wife and exposed his tricks to fleece money from several people around the country where they visited.

“I was his driver yes and we visited many places with him until I discovered that he was faking miracles,” said Brian.

“After such trips, he would end up hooking up with ladies and booking lodges to have sex with them and this led me to get truth from him.

“Many times his wife questioned why we were not returning home on time after the trips and I later disclosed his cheating habits to her.

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