It never rains but pours for the late gospel musician, Sfiso Ncwane who died last week and was buried over the weekend. He was 37.

Fresh details have emerged, claiming that Fikile Ncwane (61), who he grew up calling 'mother', may not have been his biological mother. This was first revealed in September last year, after Sfiso bought his pastor a luxurious car worth R1.9 million.

Sfiso had stopped giving his 'mother' Fikile cash, claiming that she moves from one sangoma and nyanga to another where she blows all the cash he would have given her. As if that was not enough, the Kulungile Baba singer went further to reveal that his mother's house was infested with lots of zombies and tokoloshes hence prior to his death he had stopped visiting her frequently.

Sfiso told Drum magazine that "kunemikhovu lapha (there are zombies around that house). This is the reason why I decided to stop going home and to not send my wife and kids there just in case they got sick. My mother is fighting with me because she wants me to consult traditional doctors, but I don't go to sangomas or inyangas," Sfiso told Drum magazine before his death.

According to TimesLive, Sfiso has also said he did not think Fikile was his biological mother and that he was thinking of dropping her surname.

"I don’t think she is my biological mother – she claims to be my mother, but there’s no proof of it; no one saw her giving birth to me. All I know is that she left me with some relative of hers when I was 2 weeks old. She never raised me and she refused to show me my father," Sfiso told Timeslive sometime this year.

Sfiso was dead serious about not wanting anything to do with the Ncwane family anymore,  and had even begun the process of changing his surname from Ncwane to Zikhali, which was his late father's surname.

The Umkhuleko hit maker pulled a shocker when he revealed that he knew he was going to die soon because his family members were planning to kill him.

"I can’t associate with people who are plotting to kill me. The Ncwane’s have been nothing but a headache to me yet they all depend on me for support," he told TimesLive.

Drum Magazine reported that Sfiso and his half sister, Sbahle, were arguing via SMS about the singer’s refusal to come to a family meeting when he told them: "I will never come home again."

"When I die you must not come to my funeral. You can also keep the surname, Ncwane, I don’t want it anymore and I don’t care," Sfiso said in an SMS conversation seen by the magazine.

The mom, responded by threatening Sfiso was unspecified action if he ever changes his surname from Ncwane to Zikhali.

"He can change it if he likes…but he will suffer for the rest of his life. Yes, I do perform rituals in my house to protect it from thunderstorms and evil spirits. Maybe Sfiso does not understand that as he is a born-again christian."

Fikile Ncwane told The Mercury that she had not abandoned Ncwane, and said that after Ncwane’s birth, his father had abandoned them.

"I decided to get a job on a farm and I left him with my sister. I used to buy washing soap, feeding formula, and candles, so my sister could take care of him. The claims that I abandoned him are false.  But I made sure that I sent him the little that I earned. His father didn’t care. In fact, he ran away and returned only when Sfiso was famous," she said.

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