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15 mind blowing tricks women have always used to fake VIRG!NITY: Learn them all today!


Believe it or not, virg_inity hasn’t always been a big deal…but when it became one, it became a matter of life or death for a lot of women. Needless to say, faking one’s virg_inity or even exaggerating one’s hymen became a very common practice during certain parts of history. Though there were plenty of women who waited until marriage historically, not all of them did. This made the virg_inity faking market pretty damn important in certain cultures.

Did you ever wonder how some women faked their virg_inities back in the day? Rebel Circus did some history research to find out the full facts.What do you think of these stories? Let us know in the comments section below.

1. Blood Stained Sheets Were A Thing.
Another thing that was common in the Middle Ages was to drip blood on the “honeymoon” sheets. Many brides actually would use animal blood rather than their own. These sheets were often shown outside the house after the deed was done.

2. Just fvcking cut yourself, girl.
The Oldest Trick In The Book Was To Cut Yourself Down There On Your Wedding Night. Historical reports showed that a lot of women who had burst their hymens prematurely were advised to make a small cut near her vag_ina in order to make herself bleed. A drop or two was enough to make most assume she was a virg_in.

3. Simply Play Coy And Get Your Husband In On It.
A lucky few women who were married to men they actually liked were taught to act like virg_ins. Their husbands would corroborate the story, thereby saving them from serious issues later on. Marie Mancini, mistress of King Louis XIV, actually had another woman help coach her on how to be more “virg_in” in behavior so she’d be able to pass as a virg_in.

4. Corruption is always a good plan B.
During The Middle Ages, A Lot Of Women Bribed Midwives. In the Middle Ages, women had to go through a virg_inity test before they would be able to marry. These tests would be performed by midwives Some midwives would cut girls a break and just say that they were found to be virg_ins – even if they weren’t.

5. And Then There Was The Ol’ Fish Bladder Trick.
Some girls who faked their virg_inities would fill a small fish’s bladder with blood, then shove it into their vag_inas before the big night. This was actually a common trick mentioned in a book by Ambroise Pare in 1573.

6. What virg_inity are you talking about????
Amazingly, Many People Didn’t Believe Hymen Existed. Pare’s book also mentioned that they hymen could be mythic. So, it seems like a lot of people didn’t even agree with the whole virg_inity test thing back then.

7. Train Your Bladder!
Another major thing people in the Middle Ages believed was that only virg_ins would be able to control their bladders. One virg_inity test that women would have to undergo would include swallowing diuretic and waiting to see if a woman would be able to go without urinating. As a result, many women who wanted to pose as virg_ins would typically train themselves to hold it in.

8. Don’t Have Yellow Pee, drink lots of water.
The Middle Ages also brought about the belief that crystal-clear urine could only come from a virg_in. Somehow, we’re willing to bet that a lot of ocean water may have been used to fake it through this test.

9. You Could Also Fake Magic Powers.
A lot of people in the Dark Ages and Middle Ages also believed that virg_ins had magic powers others didn’t. If you were able to pretend that you were able to make a swarm of bees calm down somehow, you also could be proclaimed a 'certified' virg_in.

10. There Was Also A Sieve Test They Could Want You To Pass.
A lot of people during the Middle Ages and Dark Ages believed that virg_ins would be able to keep water in a sieve. Anecdotal evidence shows that quite a few ladies were able to “cheat” the sieve test by putting a heavy coating of lanoline on the sieve that was used to test virg_inity.

11. Then There Were Really Dangerous, Ineffective Remedies.
Ancient Greek poet Ovid said that the use of alum water was a great way to “restore” virg_inity because of the fact that it had powerful astringent properties. This is extremely dangerous, and can lead to scarring, by the way.

12. This Sounds Painful.
Another medical book suggested that women place ground up nutmeg in their vag_ina in order to instantly pass as virg_inal. (Note: This will burn and make you feel terrible. Don’t do it.)

13. Nowadays, There Are Other Ways To Restore It.
A Chinese company recently began selling fake hymens to families in the Middle East. The hymens are placed in the vag_ina and “pop” during penetration.

14. You Can Also Get Vaginal Rejuvenation.
This plastic surgery has been really skyrocketing in popularity in the US and Brazil.

15. But Really, Why Should Women Have To Fake Virginity?
The fact is that hymens tear before women even have sex, too. Others were real virg_ins but they just never bled for one reason or the other. After all, nowadays a virg_in is a person who doesn't have a child – the new definition kikikiki.

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