5 Strange Actions That Show He Is Wife-Hunting!!


Here are 5 odd things he may do to show that you are on his radar as a potential Mrs. X.

1) He doesn’t spend money on you. He seems less than generous even though he spends lavishly on others. He may be trying to find out if you are with him for the money.

2) He leaves you alone with his family at a family function. He wants to see how you blend with his family. If he marries you, you will have to interact with them often and he won’t always be there so he needs to know if there will be a mutual affection and respect even if he isn’t there to act as a mediator.


3) He acts up a lot. He may show you his bad side, his addictions, his weaknesses and the parts of him that are less than perfect to see how accepting and patient you are with him since if he does marry you, you will be with him for the long haul and he doesn’t wanna get stuck with a nagging wife.

4) He asks you deep soul-searching questions. Conversations with him run really deep like he is trying to get into your head, know all your darkest secrets and relate to your views on every subject matter on earth. He will often ask questions about family dynamics of power, child-rearing and handling finances. He would also want to know what your future plans are and how they fit with his and perhaps throw some curve balls at you to see how you respond.

5) He tells you what to do. He seems more vocal about giving you advice on almost every aspect of your life even up to what not to wear to a function. He already sees you guys as a team and it’s his way of fixing things so that everything is peachy for you.

The list of odd behavior goes on and on but it takes a smart girl to trust her gut instincts about him being the right one and give the guy on a wife hunt all the patience, love and understanding he needs to finally close the deal!?

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