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We present to you the top 10 richest pastors in the world. Being a pastor, for a lucky few can mean big business that leads to multi-millionaire salaries. Even in the most difficult of economic times, some pastors and their churches are financially soaring. This is your definitive guide to the highest paid pastors worldwide. For many of them, it’s not just serving their church as a pastor that generates these incredible incomes, but also from appearances on television, charity management, and sales of books. They have branched out so that their reach is expanded and they can keep their income growing more and more.
#1 Chris Oyakhilome – The Richest Pastor in the World
Net Worth: $50 Million
The televangelist and faith healer from Nigeria known as Chris Oyakhilome, has a current estimated net worth of $50 million. He is not only popular, too many of his followers, he is known affectionately as “Pastor Chris”. He is the founder and president of Believers Love World Incorporated, aka the “Christ Embassy”.
This Christian ministry that is Bible-bases is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. This ministry has a range of branches that include Rhapsody of Realities, Healing School, and Innercity Missions. He also has three Christian television channels, which are LoveWorld SAT, LoveWorld Plus, and LoveWorld TV. In Africa today he is known as one of the most influential preachers. Ever since his youth he began honing in his oratory skills.
He has an apparent natural charisma. He once gathered over 2.5 million people in one single night event through his televised programs that featured miracles, large meetings, and faith healings. But for all the good he has done, he was also involved in a money laundering case over $35 million dollars, where he was accused of participating in the transfer of funds to foreign banks from his church. He pleaded that he was innocent and had committed no wrongdoing, and the case was eventually dismissed.
#2 Benny Hinn
Net Worth: $42 million
As a televangelist, Benny Hinn has amassed a net worth estimated at $42 million dollars. It is through his evangelical and ministry programs that he has earned his money. He is most well-known for the crusades of regular miracle healing, which are normally held in various large stadiums in major cities as well as being broadcast on national television.
During his youth he befriended a group of students following a religion that introduced him to regular teachings of the Gospel and prayer meetings. Despite deep concerns and opposition from his family, he became a born again Christian. At age 21, he was in attendance at a healing service being held in Pittsburgh that had the evangelist Kathryn Kuhlman headlining. He held her in the highest regard and she became a major influence for him.
It is her style that he very much emulates on stage today. In Toronto, he began developing his healing ministry through the development of his own program broadcast on local television. After relocating to the US, he moved to Orlando, Florida and in 1983 he founded the Orlando Christian Center.
#3 Creflo Dollar
Net Worth: $27 million
Creflo Dollar is known to his many followers as a pastor, American Word of Faith teacher, and founder of World Changer’s Church, which is non-denominational and international based. It is located in Georgia’s Fulton County. He has a current estimated net worth of $27 million dollars that he has earned with his ministries. His multi-million dollar ministry has been built on the singular message that “the will of God is for you to prosper” in every way.
From West Georgia College in Carrollton, Georgia, he received a Bachelor of Science Degree. Oral Roberts University awarded him with the honorary Doctor of Divinity in 1998. World Changers Church International is his creative design and it began in College Park, Georgia close to Atlanta in the year 1986 and it had just eight people there for worship in the school’s cafeteria. He began CHANGE magazine, which is a quarterly publication internationally and it currently has 100,000 subscribers.
He also started the magazine The Max, which is a resource publication for ministry leaders and ministers. Between 1992 and 2008 he published 3 books. He is most known for the many teachings that are controversial regarding Prosperity theology. His overly lavish lifestyle has earned him a high degree of criticism. He owns two different Rolls-Royces, an Atlanta million dollar home, a 2.5 million dollar Manhattan home and a private jet.
#4 Billy Graham
Net Worth: $25 million
With a net worth of $25 million, the American Christian evangelist known as Billy Graham is a staunch Southern Baptist. With his sermons being broadcasted on radio and television stations all around the country, he rose to a celebrity status. He came from humble beginnings being born on a dairy farm located near Charlotte, North Carolina in 1918 on November 7th.
As the oldest of four siblings, he studied hard and went on to attend Bob Jones College. It only took him one semester to drop out and to transfer over to Florida Bible Institute, known today as Trinity College in Florida. After graduation, he served as pastor in a variety of churches all around the country. In the year 1950, he established the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After a few years, the civil rights movement started sweeping the nation.
He began to receive inspiration to help this cause. It was in 1955 where he met and befriended Martin Luther King during the Montgomery Bus Boycott. It has been said that in his lifetime, his sermons have found their way to an audience through radio and television to over 2.2 billion people worldwide.
#5 Doctor Cindy Trimm
Net Worth: $15 million
With a net worth of $15 million dollars in estimation, Doctor Cindy Trimm was once a former senator, and is currently a life coach and celebrated author. She has inspired many as a public speaker and spiritual leader. Her multi-million dollar empire is built on her writing, speaking, and publishing and having operations located in a variety of countries worldwide.
She has been awarded with several humanitarian and business awards from many countries. This includes distinctions from the Governor of Bermuda, the Queen of England, and the Ambassador to the State of Tennessee, and the Duke of Edinburgh. Ebony Magazine has listed her on the “Power 100” list of people that are the most influential worldwide.
She also been given the honor of being awarded Outstanding Christian Woman of the Year. At the Embassy Worship Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida she is a pastor. She has also penned several books on empowerment and faith. She visits as many as six countries in a month due to her extensive and grueling speaking schedule.
#6 Temitope Joshua
Net Worth: $10 million
Many of his followers believe that the hand of God is evident in the life of Temitope Joshua, who has a current estimated net worth of $10 million dollars. In the small village of Arigidi in Akoko, Ondo State, Nigeria, he was born on June 12th 1963. His mother’s pregnancy was said to be extraordinary as it lasted some 15 months.
The Nigerian people believe it was prophesied that a man would emerge from the poorest conditions and would be mightily used by God. Remarkably, when he was a mere three days old, a large boulder crashed through the roof of their home. It only missed him by a few inches. Because of poverty, he was unable to complete his secondary education.
In reflection of his early life he has often commented on growing up in poverty and being poor and it has humbled him. He used self-effort to continue his education. Today he is very aware of where he came from moves forward in his teachings helping others.
#7 Jesse Jackson
Net Worth: $10 million
He is not only a Baptist minister, he is also an activist for American Civil Rights, Jesse Jackson has a net worth currently estimated at $10 million dollars. He is a prominent activist for civil rights and he was also a shadow Senator in the US. He created the Rainbow/PUSH civil rights organization. His name at birth was Jesse Luis Burn and he was born in 1941 on October the 8th.
He is from Greenville, South Carolina. He is most known for making his candidacy for the Democratic campaign for president between 1984 and 1988. He has worked for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference during the 60’s. He quickly advanced in the organization’s hierarchy and was appointed as head of the branch in Chicago for the economic arm.
He has carried out a variety of projects for the Black Community and that has included launching the PUSH (People United to Save Humanity) Organization. It is designed for the motivation of teens and younger children to pursue success.
#8 Matthew Ashimolowo
Net Worth: $6 million
As a British pastor, Matthew Ashimolowo has a current net worth of $6 million dollars. Most of his net worth was accumulated when he was the Senior Pastor at the Kingsway International Christian Center located in London, England. He was born in Nigeria in 1952 on March 17th. Initially, he was a member of the Foursquare Gospel Nigerian Church.
Later in 1992 he decided to open his own church rather than continuing with a satellite branch of Foursquare in London. Today, it is known for being the largest Pentecostal Church located within the United Kingdom. It is there that he draws an annual salary of £100,000, but the bulk of his earnings come from Christian literature and documentary sales from his media company that he owns.
Premier Radio in London and Spirit FM from Amsterdam broadcast his show Winning Ways daily, as does the TV Africa, the Trinity Broadcasting Network, and on televisions in Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ghana, and on the God Channel and Inspirational Network in Europe.
#9 Al Sharpton
Net Worth: $5 million
He is primarily an American Baptist Minister. He is also a civil rights activist and a radio talk show host. He has earned much of his net worth through his radio talk show called Keepin’ It Real. He has made many guest appearances on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and The O’Reilly Factor.
His supporters are always in praise of his willingness and abilities to defy the structure of power that can be responsible for causing the suffering and the consider him to be a man who calls it like he sees it and tells it like it is. He grew up in Brooklyn, New York in the neighborhood of Brownsville and at the young age of 9 years old, he was ordained and licensed as a minister of the Pentecostal faith. Bishop F.D.
Washington is the one who helped with the service. He continues today to follow his beliefs and to resolve the conflicts erupting from a variety of negative sources.
#10 Chris Okotie
Net Worth: $3 million
Chris Okotie is a televangelist in Nigeria. He was born in Ethiopia-West. He has been serving in the position of pastor for God Church International Ministries, at his congregation in Lagos Nigeria. In the 1980’s he was a popular pop singer and to follow the path of a pastor. Okotie made up his mind to leave his singing career behind and he began to listen to popular pop musicians.
When he decided to make his move, he also decided to make sure he would make an abundance of wealth while doing so. Near the end of the decade he created and built up the Household of God Church and it is today a very flamboyant congregation. This location currently has 5,000 members that include many prominent celebrities from Hollywood.
He is a huge fan of automobiles and he currently owns a Hummer, Porche, and a Mercedes S600 as well as several other types of cars.
In summary, we have learned that many pastors use a variety of methods to grow their net worth. Some use patterns from multilevel marketing and a diverse array of way to grow their bank accounts. Their followers and dedicated and believe in them and follow them relentlessly in some cases. Many of them work toward helping the community in some way. They all strive to bridge the gap between politics and religion.

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