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Overtime in basketball: a matter of surprise or a sure-fire strategy?


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Overtimes in basketball are as scarce as hen’s teeth in the nowadays environment, so many players don't even take them seriously as a betting option. Usually, bettors bet on either a clean win of the team or a victory with a certain handicap. Betting on overtime in basketball is considered to be a tough nut to crack, same as betting on the exact score in soccer. These betting markets are hard to predict, but everything is possible with a diligent approach.

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In fact, overtime in the game does not happen as infrequently as is commonly believed. For NBA games bookmakers usually give odds in the range of 10.00-15.00 for overtime. It is not an Augean task to calculate that you can be in the black, constantly betting on overtime in games of a good half of the teams in the league.

Of course, there are the opposite examples, like San Antonio and Phoenix, who have played just one overtime game each season. If you bet on overtime for these teams, you can go broke as quick as thought.

Principles for overtime betting in basketball

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Often situations arise in the NBA when an outsider is only 4-5 points behind in the middle or at the end of the last quarter and the odds on his victory are in the range of 3.50-7.00. This kind of advantage in basketball is pretty risky, even though one team is superior to the other. At the same time, bookmakers are forced to give these odds due to the fact that the majority of players bet money on the leading favorite at the end of the game. Furthermore, there are strong beliefs that this game will see an overtime. Hence, the bookmakers are doing their best to draw the bettors’ interest for this outing.

  • Pick pairs of teams that often play for overtime.
  • Pick teams with poor results.
  • Play on roughly evenly matched teams.
  • If you can't determine the class of teams, look at the bookmaker odds, especially at the over/under markets.
  • Look at how teams behave when losing by 2 points at the end of an outing.
  • Some teams try to shoot a three-pointer and win the game in regulation time, while other teams are confident and they take a two-point shot to go into overtime.


Overtime betting markets are far from the most well-thought-of, so the limits on them are not that high. Bookmakers don't have much fear of losing on such bets, since we are talking about small amounts of money. There have even been seasons in the NBA, where betting on overtime in absolutely any game at the end of the year brought a small profit. If you make such bets on a point-by-point basis, the profit could be even higher.


Is it challenging to bet on overtime in basketball?

Well, it can be deemed that way. Betting on basketball overtime is frequently referred to a Russian roulette. However, the awareness of the basketball teams and a gut feeling can be beneficial before betting.

How to bet on overtime?

You need to find a legit bookmaker, conduct an analysis of the playing teams, and make a bet using your gut feeling.

What league should you bear in mind while betting on overtimes?

It’s a judgement call. It’s up to you to decide what league and team to choose before placing a bet. However, NBA is a sure-fire bet for you. Here you can find a vast array of different bets and a width of coverage.

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