The legendary Zandonazo


Violence is something that should be eradicated from football. However, there are some punches that are simply too beautiful, and they deserve to be admired. Usually, those situations lead to red cards, and all bets online with also allow punters to bet on them.

In 1995 the South American Supercopa was being played with some of the best teams in the continent. In the round of 16 of the competition, Argentine team Vélez Sarsfield played against Brazilian giants Flamengo. Punters can make all their online bets on these squads with the 1xBet website.

The Brazilian team had one of the best attacks in the world. It consisted of three players, which were:

  • Romario;
  • Sávio;
  • and Edmundo.

The latter would become one of the main characters of an episode that is known as the Zandonazo.

A complete humiliation

In theory, Flamengo had the better team. However, Vélez was still a capable rival. The website can be visited in order to start wagering on Argentine and Brazilian football.

Home and away matches were played to decide who advanced to the next round. The first contest was played in Vélez’s home, and the Brazilians won 3-2. This meant that the Argentinians had the extremely difficult task of trying to turn the series around in Brazil.

However, what happened in the second match would be a complete humiliation for Vélez. Not only did Flamengo win 3-0. The Brazilian players also provoked the Argentinians, causing some furious reactions from them. To wager on Flamengo and other Brazilian teams, there is no better place to do so than the 1xBet platform.

A huge provocation

Flavio Zandoná was Vélez’s right back. He had the almost impossible task of stopping Edmundo’s attack. This encounter between both players is what led to the situation that is currently known as the Zandonazo. Fans from all over the world can 1xBet download Apple app, and bet on the best South American football matches.

Edmundo had completely left Zandoná behind in order to assist Romario in scoring the third goal of the game. The Brazilian ensured to remind Zandoná about this humiliation for the rest of the match.

Nearing the end of the game, both players were seen speaking to each other. Based on their body language, it was clear that they were not precisely dedicating love words to each other. It is possible the 1xBet Apple app download procedure to wager on these heated contests.

After a few exchanges, Edmundo showed his hand to Zandoná, and then he slapped him on the face. The Argentinian slapped him back. Edmundo put his hand where he was slapped. Then, Zandoná punches Edmundo in his left cheek, in one of the most iconic scenes in South American football history.

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