Which Online Casino Bonuses Should You Look for?


Searches for online casino bonuses in South Africa have skyrocketed in the past couple of years. People no longer want to play slots and poker using their hard-earned money alone. They look for bonuses and free spins to minimize their bankrolls and maximize profits.

If you love online casino games too, don’t increase your gambling budget just yet. Instead, look for the following bonuses. You’ll have access to your favorite games. And if you’re lucky, you could win real money. Intrigued? Let’s get started.

No Deposit Bonuses

For many people, no deposit bonuses are the best freebies you can earn at an online casino. There’s a perfect reason. You could be a new customer who’s never spent money at a gambling site. And you could qualify for these rewards.

Usually, many casinos give you bonuses after you complete your first deposit. With no deposit offers, the only condition is to create an account and verify your email address. After that, you receive $10 or 20 free spins.

Why do casinos give out no deposit bonuses? The main reason is to attract your attention. Secondly, it’s a way of building trust with new customers. It also helps create awareness about a casino, thereby acting as a marketing tool.

First Deposit Bonuses

Nearly every South African casino has a first deposit promotion. Some sites match your deposit amount 100%. Others give you twice the amount. Still, some casinos give you small rewards with extremely appealing conditions.

Before you rush to claim your first deposit bonus, keep in mind not all freebies are created equal. Take time to compare South African casinos with the best bonus offers. Look at the amounts different websites are offering. Then learn the terms of cashing out your bonus profits.

Naturally, you want bonuses with the best terms and conditions. You should have the freedom to play your favorite games. The maximum you can withdraw should be huge, say $5000. And the playthrough requirements shouldn’t exceed 40x your bonus amount.

Reload Bonuses

If you like to play casino games regularly, play at a site with reload bonuses. These offers award you a bonus every time you add funds to your account. The most generous operators reward every deposit you make.

However, most casinos give out reload bonuses once or twice per week. This is alright. You don’t need to deposit money to your gambling account daily, anyway. You could make a deposit on days the reload bonus is active.

Importantly, claim a reload bonus only if it can help you play your favorite games. And if it has fair policies. Additionally, choose a generous offer: Many reload bonuses match your deposit amount 20% to 50%.

Live Casino Bonuses

Many online casino bonuses target slots fans. This doesn’t mean poker and blackjack fans can’t have fun with bonuses, though. Thanks to live casino bonuses, you can participate in poker tournaments even when you don’t have money in your account.

In many cases, casinos give you live bonuses when you add funds to your account. You can earn a 100% matched offer worth a maximum of R1000 to R2000. In case you’re wondering, you can’t claim a regular first deposit offer and a live casino bonus at the same time.

You qualify for one bonus at a time. Crucially, you can only use live casino bonuses on live dealer games like poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat and craps. For the uninitiated, live games use special software to link players through video—you can see and interact with your opponents.

Cash Backs

Like reload bonuses, cash backs target loyal players. That means look for this promotion if you plan to play at one casino often. Cash backs refund a percentage of your losses daily, weekly or monthly. The best part is that you receive cash.

Let’s say you spend and lose R500 at a casino during a bad week. If the site gives out 10% cash backs, then you can claim up to R50 (10%). As mentioned, this isn’t a bonus. It’s cash you could withdraw instantly or use it to gamble.

The best casinos have tier-based cashback programs. Newbies could earn 1% to 5% of their losses. But as you improve up the ladder, you qualify for bigger kickbacks. Needless to say, high-stake players earn the biggest cash backs.

Loyalty Programs

Gone are the days when only VIP customers qualified for loyalty programs. Nowadays, everyone has a chance at a loyalty program. All you need is to find a casino with great loyalty rewards for all their customers.

To expound more, many loyalty programs use level-based systems. This means most people have to start at the bottom and work their way up to the top of the ladder. This is alright. It enhances fairness.

If you want bigger rewards, all you need is to spend more money on slots and table games. Of course, you only want to splurge at a casino if it has fantastic loyalty rewards. Look out for free games, bonuses, cash prizes, quick withdrawals and badges.

VIP-level customers also get account managers to help improve their experience. Sometimes they also qualify for free vacation trips, fast cars and large cash prizes.

Competitions and Special Rewards

There’s a new type of promotion emerging at leading South African casinos. It involves pitting players against one another for a chance at a huge cash prize. For example, there could be a competition to win five consecutive hands in blackjack. The winner walks away with R1000.

Some competitions don’t pit you against your opponents. All the same, there has to be a winner in the end. An example is a competition to find a player with the longest gambling streak.

To spice things up, you need to spend the most amount of money every day for about three months. If you win, you earn a cash prize. These competitions increase engagement, which is good for casinos.

They also keep players active and hungry for regular rewards. What’s more, some promotions can magnify your potential profits tremendously.

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