Live Sports Betting: Tips and Tricks


Live-betting (also called in-game betting) is an excellent alternative to traditional wagering. It allows players to be more immersed in the game, placing bets as it unfolds in real-time. Many find this option more satisfying than pre-game betting.

Live betting requires you to think on your feet, but, in truth, it is not any more difficult than traditional wagering if you know what you are doing.

To help you build up your arsenal of tricks for in-game betting, allow us to give you tour of this exciting way to earn money.

What is live betting?

With live betting, you can place wagers on games happening in real-time. Many prefer this type of betting as it offers unique betting lines and puts them in the heart of the action.

Compared to traditional betting, differences are not too drastic. You can still bet on the moneyline, spread and the total, but you will also be able to do a rich variety of prop bets, like the outcome of the next play or drive for American football.

Live Betting Pros

While traditional betting allows enough time to make a decision beforehand, live betting is all about keeping a close eye on the developments under the floodlights and reacting to them with your bets. The added thrill of doing so comes with a better understanding of how things may turn out – as you can feel the heartbeat of the game.

Live-betting players can enjoy:

Huge variety of markets

You can bet on a plethora of sports and very minute things, like who will step onto the field first, number of corners per team, throw-ins, subs, and so much more.

Interactive and rich statistics

Live-betting platforms give you rich visualization tools to stay updated in real-time and make the right decisions as the game unfolds.

Blink-of-an-eye money transfers

In contrast to pre-game betting, your deposits and withdrawals are instantaneous. You can, hypothetically, deposit and withdrawal winnings in as little as a two-minute window – if you wish. This expands your decision-making freedom and makes games more immersive.

Live Betting Cons

Fluctuating odds

You need to keep a close eye on game developments and how that reflects the odds. Due to the dynamic nature of games, oddsmakers are always adjusting odds in real-time. This can be tricky but not outside of your capability to deduce the flow of the action of a game and capitalize on the changes. To find the best live-betting operators, let Bet 2 Win help you.

Disappearing Lines

In live betting, lines can disappear as new ones appear depending on game developments. For example, at the beginning of a football (soccer) game, you may see ‘first to score’ line, which will disappear when a team scores a goal. Thankfully, the number of lines does not decrease, with new and different betting opportunities becoming available as the game progresses.

Fewer games to bet on

Another downside of live betting is that you will have fewer games to bet on than with a sportsbook. This is because adjusting the odds in real-time takes a lot of manpower and bet-makers are always looking to cut expenditure. Despite that, you won’t find it difficult to find live betting opportunities for all major soccer leagues, NBA, NFL MLB, and NHL.

Live Betting Limits

Limits tend to be lower than non-live betting, but unless you intend to bet thousands of dollars over the course of a single game, this won’t be of consequence to you.

Live Betting for Mobile Devices

Every site bookmaker offers some kind of mobile live-betting service. Most offer mobile-friendly websites but, with some, you will be able to download a mobile app on your iPhone on Android device.

Try Live Betting Now

Millions of players are having fun betting live on games every day! Join them and try live betting now!

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