Lerato Kganyago denies bleaching her skin: 'Its money that changed my skin not bleaching creams'

Lerato Kganyago just can’t seem to shake rumours that she allegedly bleached her skin

The media personality shared a cute selfie of herself on Twitter this week that left one of her followers accusing her yet again of bleaching.

Lerato is so used to people asking her about her alleged use of skin lightening creams that she doesn’t even take offence anymore.

She told the tweep that it was not bleaching that gave her clear looking skin but money.

Nah love Ke chelete!! Bleacher o le one there,” she clapped back.

Lerato added that it is really “sad” that the first negative comment about her pictures is always from a woman.

Her fans were quick to come to her defence.

“They don’t know that money is also part of a skin care,” one wrote.

It’s not the first time that Lerato has been accused of bleaching her skin

Last year she put another Twitter user in his place for claiming that her uneven complexion was proof that she uses bleach.

“Grown men are out there making money wena o hlokolaza basadi ka make up mo twitter!!! [You are looking for make-up on women on Twitter] Yhu! Eh Eh!! (sic),” she wrote.

Some social media users have even tried to use old pictures to prove that Lerato’s skin was darker before.

But it could just be good lighting and an excellent skin care routine!