Prostitute caught with human body parts


A desperate self-confessed prostitute who lives in a tunnel has been arrested for allegedly possessing human body parts.

It was thanks to her arrest that she dodged being hung by furious residents, according to Punch.

Folake Falade (40) told cops her sad story that saw her living in a tunnel in Lagos, Nigeria and earning money as a prostitute.

She said: “I was married to an Egun man who abandoned me. My only surviving child, Abiodun Jeriat, is with my husband. I had five other children, but they all died.

“I have been living in the place for about two months after I could not find my house at Mosafejo Ilogbo, Ogun State.

“On the day I was caught, I was sitting when a man who offered me a gin. The second person came and asked if I had a cellphone and I said no.

“Not long after, I saw some people with canes and they started beating me up. They also removed all the things I used to cover myself with whenever it rains.

“They asked where I used to get money to buy gin and I told them that some men had been having sex with me and they gave me money – N200 (about R8,30) or N300 (about R12,50).”

Cops allege that when they searched her tunnel-home they discovered rotting body parts including a skull.

Falade at first admitted to having body parts in her possession, but later claimed she had only been cutting up cowhide.

She has been charged with the possession of human body parts.

Falade is out on bail and due back in court on 26 September.

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