Man rapes his own 2 daughters aged 10 and 13 EVERYDAY, impregnates one of them


A 40-year-old man, who allegedly committed incest by having sexual intercourse with her two daughters and impregnating one of them in the process, has been arrested by the Police in the Western Region.

Joshua Mensah in 2017 took custody of the two girls – 10 and 13-year-olds – from their mother in Accra, Ghana's capital city, and allegedly started sexually feasting on them.

The 13-year-old girl who dropped out of school after her father took custody of them, is currently five months and two weeks old pregnant.

He was said to have continued the sexual escapades with the girls in Sekondi Pipe Ano, Esaaman, and eventually, Daboase where his cover was blown and the matter reported to the Daboase Police who arrested him.

Though the two girls (names withheld) reported their ordeal to their grandmother in Daboase, the woman was said to have rebuked them, claiming there was nothing wrong with their father having sex with them.

According to the girls, their father started having sexual intercourse with them about a year ago and has been sexually abusing them since then, noting their pleas to their father proved futile as he usually bashes them whenever they attempt to resist.

The two girls have been sent to the Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital in Sekondi for pregnancy and other related medical tests. Detailed medical report is yet to be released by the hospital.

Their mother, 31-year-old Yaa Foriwaa, a vendor in the capital, could not hold back her tears as she spoke to Takoradi-based Connect FM about the condition of her daughters.

She said she had come to Daboase to visit the girls who she had not seen for a very long time only to find out their father has been having sex with them and impregnated one of them.

According to her, she first reported the matter to the Daboasehemaa who admitted the matter had come before her but the man denied.

Foriwaa then reported the case to the Daboase Police who arrested Joshua and handed him to the Sekondi Police for investigation.

Joshua is likely to be charged with incest and defilement when he appears in court.

According to a Ghanaian actress who shared the story on her Instagram, she revealed that her organization will foot the hospital bill. She further added that the 13-year-old girl has since given birth, though due to her age, she could not have normal delivery.

She wrote: “I stumbled upon a young 13-year old girl who was impregnated by her own father and because she’s that young she couldn’t deliver normally hence an option for CS now baby has been delivered successfully my foundation has been able to cater for her hospital bills and upkeep for some few weeks but my question is what happens to this girl after, the stigmatization of living with a child under this evil circumstance, her education and well being because her mom is also not able to cater for her, please I’m pleading with you all to come to her aid in one way or the other and Let’s help this child grow to become a better person in future, watch this space for update on this story because it is our special case now.”

She continues: “What???? The man who impregnated his own 13-year-old child wasn’t just sleeping with this girl, he was also sexing his 10 year old daughter.
Ah! This man too…”

The home of a 62-year-old man, Matthew Emeaguboro in Apo, Federal Capital City (FCT), became a tourist centre penultimate Monday, though for the wrong reason.

Neighbours had gathered in the house of the man popularly known as ‘Marshal’ and ‘Papa’ to confirm the rumour that he had impregnated a teenager in fact, his child.

Rather than protect the children under his care, Emeaguboro, who narrowly escaped being lynched by angry youths in the area, did the direct opposite by allegedly impregnating his 13-year -old daughter (name withheld), a Junior Secondary School two student of Apo Resettlement Secondary School, Abuja.

The family lives in a one- bedroom apartment and neighbours who insisted on anonymity, told Abuja Metro that the sex rump between the father and daughter had been going on for a long time.

Defending his action, Emeaguboro said he was lured into the act by his daughter. He alleged that the girl seduced him while he was having his bath.

The father-from-hell who, however, accepted responsibility for the four-month-old pregnancy said his wife was mainly to blame for the shameful incident.

His words: “My wife is the cause of all the evil that happened. After bearing me two children, she has continuously denied me my marital rights. She did not allow me to touch her. People had told me on several occasions how she messed around with men and I have also caught her, but she apologized.

“She is having an affair with many men and came back home very late. I remember one night that she came home by 2am. When I sought for explanation, she told me stories.

“My wife also told our daughter that she cannot bear another child for me. She also told her to go ahead and bear children for me. But now, things have gone wrong and everybody is saying that I am a bad man. My pain is that anything I do, people will say I am a bad man.

“I went to have my bath, but never knew my daughter’s intention. When I came out of the bathroom with a towel on my waist, she came and grabbed my waist. I tried to push her out, but she resisted. Before I knew it, the deed had been done. I know it was a temptation, but I am sorry. I beg God for forgiveness because her mother made me indulge in the act.”

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