Midnight Se.x : These Are 5 Reasons Why Women Prefer Se.x At Night


It has been said that while men prefer morning se_x, (they are naturally even ready for it if you know what I mean) women will rather get it on at night. The reasons for this might be peculiar for each woman, but there are some basic reasons that will cut across most women. Here are 5 reasons why she might prefer to have se_x with you at night.

1. Darkness: A woman who is insecure about her body might prefer se_x in the dark and only night-time offers that. She feels freer because she does not have to worry about how she looks and this might lead to a more satisfying se_xual experience.

2. Relaxing: After a very busy day, most men just want to hit the sack, but not women. Some women might prefer to have a glass of wine, surf the net or watch some TV to unwind before bed, while some will prefer to have some fun with their men. The point is, women prefer to gradually unwind before actually going to bed, and se_x can help with this.

3. Better sleep: Experts have told us that se_x makes us sleep better. For a woman who has to be up early to deal with sleep, chores, etc, it makes sense that she will have to get the best sleep she can. So, don’t be surprised when she rubs up on you for that natural ‘vali_um.’

4. Mood: Something about the night makes a woman a bit freer. It is not necessarily the darkness, it is the ambience, quiet, and the overall cover that the night offers. This is why intimate dates, quiet walks, heart-to-heart talks, etc always seem so much more romantic at nights. It is this feeling that makes her want to connect with you at the end the day instead of during the harsh light of day.

5. Preparedness: Compared to morning se_x, women can actually prepare for night se_x. It is not as spontaneous as just getting up in the morning and doing it. She can take a shower, spray a little perfume, and wear lingerie in preparation for some good loving. Women feel more se_xual confidence when they are prepared, as opposed to the morning when they might be worried about morning breath amongst other things. – imzansi

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