How to know she loves your D!CK more than anything else


lol well the above is a clear sign of interest, but most of the time if you’re just starting out as a newbie you will be virtually colour blind to her flirtations.

The Tell-tell signs

We’re in this game for the stunners, right? We want the Megan Foxes, the Emma Watsons, and the Miley Cyrus’s (a guilty pleasure of mine :D). What do all these girls and countless other desired woman have in common?

They don’t show overt signs of interests to guys they don’t know from cold approach. The most likely reaction you would get from approaching a stunner is a stand-offish skeptical glare, maybe even a curt twist of the body to show she ain’t up for a conversation. This is real life folks, nobody wants to give money to the homeless man who’s in their grill non-stop.

So what we do is, we learn game. We learn about the theories of sttraction; the stratagems we can use, and get the fuck out there and start sucking girls into our realities. This is when we start seeing signs of interest – little or small.

The more experience you gain, the more you begin to develop an intuition for whether a girl is into you or not. To do this you need to detach yourself from superfluous thoughts – become present to the moment, and cultivate a keen awareness for what the fuck is going on around you. Therefore you react lightning quick to signs of her being attracted, and can escalate from there.

Quiet and Attentive

This is type of sign in which a girl will brace up when you’re around. She’ll purse her mouth, perhaps look you in the eye or down at the ground because she’s intimidated that a high value man is talking to her. It’s easier to freak out when a girl reacts to you this way – if she likes you she’s gotta be sucking your dick right? Not quite. Girls are restricted from doing this in public places (most of the time heh), and you’ll just have to ride out this awkwardness and make her feel comfortable with you.

Therefore you stay calm: talk and talk, and know that at the back of your mind that it’s only a matter of time before she catches up to the seduction. It’s only a matter of time before she’s ripping off your clothes in anticipation for the team. As Alexander says: stay calm and carry on.

Hair twirling = she wants that D. Why? Because she’s fidgeting when you’re around and you make her feel the good type of uneasy.
Lip gazing = she wants that D. Why? Because she wants to be ravaged. Makeout with her!
Talking close to you = she wants that D. Why? Maybe you smell nice, maybe she wants to make her body more accessible to you.
She hits you – she wants that D. Why? Hopefully not with a baseball bat, but if she hits you playfully against the chest then it’s like how she would interact with the dominant males she’s experienced all her life. Congratulations, you are now one of them


If an interaction stales out via text I usually notice signs of disinterest:

– short replies
– indifferent tone of voice
– she never double texts

This happened to me for a while with a girl I went on a date. Clearly afterward she was seeing other guys and fell on the backburner. No problemo, i was pimping too. I hit her up and become too invested, e.g. send boyfriend-esque texts and she’s becoming more and more apathetic.

Only recently did i flip this around and start overloading her with awesome funny and seductive pictures. I become an exciting stimulus for her again – she began giving me pet names once more and showing her ‘open’ side once again.

Good luck, and stay vigilant!

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