What to do if your man finishes his rounds quickly during se.x: Is he a "20 minute noodles" man?


THE adult game is not a race where the first one to finish is a winner, but it’s the opposite. Hey I’m talking of one-minute men!!! Some call them 2-minute noodles!

It is so frustrating, but one has to understand that this problem affects a number of men and for the record, my sister if you were contemplating dumping your man for that, just hold on and work on improving your se_x life.

I know this is one topic which is not easy to discuss despite the two of you being aware of the problem at hand. As a woman, I know that you will be afraid to initiate the issue as he might get angry and shift the blame to you saying you are definitely comparing him to someone else.


Anyway, you have to understand men and their ego as they all believe that they are the best in between the sheets, even if (women) are aware that for some … they still need to go for lessons.

Anyway, if you have been “blessed” with a one-minute man and have already vowed that till death, you will forever be together then help each other in enjoying the adult game.

I know most women make the mistake of trying to convince themselves that se_x is nothing as they love each other, but no that’s deadly because a relationship without it is dead and after-all, it is a NEED not a WANT.

You should have more time on fo_replay and enjoy each other. Do not lie like a log as that will force him to get inside you quick and finish before you have a feel of it.

At least enjoy yourselves without limitations and a bl_ow job will make it even better. With a one-minute man it is advisable for your man to make you come during fo_replay so that by the time he pe_netrates and comes, you will also have been satisfied.

Remember, within the adult game both of you should be satisfied at the end! It’s all about complementing each other’s efforts.

The most viable trick is to understand each other’s bodies, feelings, breathing pace and muscle tension. All these can be a link as to how far your partner is to the big O. With that in mind sisters let’s not skirt major issues here, we all know that fifty percent of a relationship is love and the other 50{1f0bb132e08ca1f8565add86e1f8740171c75f84ed80bad4a750114913f392ef} is se_x, so if he’s only lasting sixty seconds, it’s not gonna work.
A man should always have enough discipline to control his or_gasm. There’s no way you can please her if as soon as you get in, you’re climaxing all over the place. That means you don’t have enough respect or love to wait for her. He needs to je_rk off and get that first one out of the way so we can have fun for the second round.

Usually what starts the blast is that the man gives good head and by the time he puts it in, he’s so ready to blast off and it takes away from the se_x. So even if he goes down on you really, really good, maybe he needs to blast off while he’s giving the head, let it get hard again and work it out. After all most first rounds of the bedroom game are lousy and straight to the point.

Like aforementioned as a sister you have to feel when a man is about to come, if he starts tightening up or acting like he’s about to have an exorcism, be in charge, back up and slow it down. I take it you are not having se_xual relations with strangers, you should know when he’s about to blast off. Tell him to talk to you so you can say “Okay go ahead” or “Hold on, wait for me.”

But for a one-minute man, once they get behind you it’s a wrap. If you’ve already got yours then let him go to the back and be like “Okay baby, just have fun.” You can be roughed up, swinging, whatever, but once he gets to the back it’s over. So women, get on top, play with yourself, bust when you want to bust, and then let him get to the back. But if for some stupid reason you really don’t care, let him lay there and “cu_m” all over himself. Enjoy.

I hope this comes in handy on how to deal with such one-minute lapses. Try by all means to encourage your partner to work it out as much as possible, to improve. Above all the secret is to talk things out, be patient, and be resilient until you reach the desired bedroom goal.

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